Company case ЧайКоф

ChayKof Project Brief

The chain of Chaykof coffee shops was founded in 2014, the company employs about 200 employees and also has a confectionery shop.

We faced the following tasks:

    •  Solve the issue of employee attendance
    •  Keep records of discipline and control of employees' working hours

Project description

"The most amazing thing about using the system is the technical support team. For me, it has been a positive aspect because when trying out a new system, a lot of questions arise which have to be explained.The support team always actively answers our questions and is always in touch. This is an important factor when using any system. "

Diana Sim

HR Direktor

Фактический учет

Actual accounting

Workly system facilitates the work of the coffee chain by the fact that the data on the marks are systematized and contained on one platform, which simplifies the work of the network managers.


Timekeeping accounting and attendance monitoring

Prior to using the Workly system, the company kept records manually, through timesheets and logs. Since this did not lead to the expected result, the company started using Workle, thereby automating the tabulation process.

Автоматическое табелирование


To date, the chain of Chaykof coffee shops is growing rapidly as well as the number of its employees, where with the help of the Workly system, Chaikof automate employee attendance records and easily manage information concerning employees about career growth.