Company case Global Textile Solutions

Global Textile Solutions Project Brief

Global Textile Group is one of the leading textile companies in Uzbekistan, producing yarns of the highest quality. It is on the market since 2018. 
As of the date of cooperation with Workly (2019), Global Textile Solutions employed about 300 people. The company sought to increase overseas shipments, and this required meeting quality, deadlines and production volumes. 
The Workly team has face the following tasks:

  •  To enhance employee discipline
  •  To optimize work processes
  •  To optimize work schedule planning
  •  To automate payroll accounting

Project description

  • Client

    Global Textile Solutions

  • Launch


  • Were

    300 employees

  • Today

    3000 employees

  • Location


  • Website

Actual accounting

Actual accounting

The Workly team has implemented an accounting of the staff clock-in/clock-out times to give managers detailed reports on on staff attendance and efficiency.


Work Schedules and Automatic Timekeeping Accounting and Attendance Monitoring

Workly made it possible to assign work shifts to each employee in a matter of minutes. Data on actual hours worked by each employee was automatically checked against the work schedule. Data was used to automatically generate timesheets for payroll accounting.

Work Schedules and Automatic Timekeeping Accounting and Attendance Monitoring


As a result of implementing the Workly system, the discipline and motivation of employees in Global Textile Solutions has improved. Labor costs for HR management decreased. The salary fund (budget) has been optimized. This allowed Global Textile Solutions to increase the volume of production with quality and deadlines.