Company case Inter Nation School

Inter Nation School Project Brief

Inter Nation School is a modern English language center with 6 branches in Uzbekistan. 
Inter Nation School is one of the most popular educational institutions due to its unique educational program and impressive outcomes of students. The Learning Center is actively developing and scaling, so it is necessary to maintain an individual approach to each student and therefore optimize the process of managing the internal staff. 
The Workly team faced the following tasks:

  •  To automate the accounting of staff clock-in/clockout times
  •  To enhance discipline of the staff
  •  To automate payroll accounting.

Project description

Actual accounting

Actual accounting

All branches of Inter Nation School have implemented accounting of staff clock-in/clock-out times. This has enhanced employee discipline and reduced number of absences, late arrivals and early termination of service.


Payroll accounting automation

Data on actual hours worked was automatically transferred to payroll sheets. This made the process of payroll accounting more convenient, rapid and transparent.

Payroll accounting automation


Today the number of Inter Nation School branches and staff continues to increase. More and more students are enrolled in the Learning Center. And the Workly system is helping to optimize employee management and save resources.