TimePad app for iPad and Android

No more expensive hardware.
TimePad by Workly allows you to use any Android or iPad device to get your time clock terminal set up in seconds.

TimePad Key Features

It is now easier than ever to collect, manage, and process your employees' time.

Timeclock Location

Control where your employees can clock in/out, by setting up locations tied to an individual geolocation and IP address. TimePad can be installed in different streets, cities or even countries, by setting up specific timeclock locations.

Off-line Mode

TimePad can collect attendance data off-line. After the internet connection is restored, attendance data is sent to the server to process.


Standard SSL security protocol helps to save and secure all of your personal data.

Eliminate Buddy Punching

TimePad makes a snapshot photo during clock-in and out, verifying that the appropriate employee is clocking in/out and at what time eliminating your concern about buddy punching.

We've Made It Simple with 4 Easy Steps

As simple as one, two, three...

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Manage data

Distribute individual PINs
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