10 Reasons Why Human Resources is Important

Prior to being able to accurately list or answer the question, why is human resources important, one must first be aware of an accurate definition of human resources and what human resources do. Beyond the simple act of defining it is also important to ensure that one knows what the importance of human resources means in the business world and company based environments.

What Does Human Resources Mean in Business?

Human resources per definition is the area of a company or corporation whose job is to handle the aspects of people. In business, specifically, many often ask what does hr do? They are the section or branch of a company that has the responsibility of many if not all aspects pertaining to the act of recruiting of people that then is followed up by the hiring, retaining, and tracking of employees on the individual level.

Often it is the general manager's job criteria these listed areas fall. Typically in this situation, one will find that the general manager then reports to or answers directly to the HR department rather than having each employee separately.  

  • Recruiting employees
  • Hiring employees
  • Employee orientation
  • Employee rule training
  • Employee benefits
  • Employee retention
  • Employee situational documentation

What is the importance of human resource management?

There are many ways and reasons in which human resources and human resource management are of a great importance to any company that has employees. The following are ten specific examples that can quite literally make or break a business entity or be the reason that they are and continue to be a success.

  1. The planning of recruitment comes through this office as ultimately they hold the key to the checks and balances in regards to the type of employees needed to fill a particular vacancy and still maintain the proper employee counts and production ratios. HR is who tracks the gaps and needs on the larger scale also looking at future needs rather than just those of today.
  2. HR are those in the company that most generally hold the skills to track and stay current with the changes in laws and legislature in regards to employees per the bigger picture. For example, it is here that the minimum wage changes are being checked for compliance and regulation. If an area is low or lacking it is this department that ensures the managers are trained to correct this going forward to prevent infractions, fees, or penalties from occurring.
  3. When looking at the company in regards to how it is perceived and ranked one often begins to look at the standards in the organization. This is more simply known as or referred to as the company's diversity standards. In other words, it is the hr departments that are responsible for ensuring that equal opportunity means equal.
  4. Human Resources is the area of the company or corporation that is called upon to make certain the workplace stays one that is safe, fair, and above all civil. For example, if a general manager is having a lot of employee turnover the hr team will often go to that location and work with the management to see what the underlying problem is and how they can help to fix it.
  5. At the same time, it is also a task of human resources to protect the future of the company. One way in which they do this is by ensuring that the proper documentation is being written on employees often referred to as the situational documentation. One huge area that this is of major importance comes into play regarding unemployment. If all the proper documents are in place the company will not be forced to pay an employee this non-working based salary if they did not earn the privilege while still under payroll.
  6. The corporate image to the outsider looking in is another area that rests in the hands of human resources. They are given the task to make certain the company is seen in a positive light and receiving good marks online, by peers, as well as by the consumers.
  7. Rewarding the staff in a fair manner is also an area that is often overseen by hr. This helps to prevent favoritism from being played in any particular direction or at any level of the company overall.
  8. Human resource groups you will often see are the ones that ensure equal pay structures are in place for equal job duties, assignments, and expectations. This prevents the situation from occurring as often seen in the past, for example, regarding men making more than a female who is in the exact same position.
  9. Make certain compliance issues are being met and or handled in an appropriate manner is another key area of importance one will find under the human resource managers belt. This would include example areas such as those that are to follow.
  • Wrongful termination,
  • Safety violations,
  • Workplace injuries,
  • Workmen's compensation,
  • Theft in house.
  1. Hr is who ensures all of the latest tools and technologies are available to all staff as best as the company can afford in which to offer them.

As a whole, the benefits of human resources is that they are the checks and balances within the company. HR as seen in a healthcare organization is the means to which policy changes are distributed and regulated over the broader spectrum of the various types of businesses and companies.

HR Manager Tools

Many jobs will find a very helpful tool when it comes to ensuring you do not violate any human resource steps in regards to medical issues or situation is using medical scheduling software. Our recommended choice is Workly. Not only can it handle your scheduling for you, it also has a very thorough human resource toolkit that is always on standby sitting in wait at your fingertips to help you in almost any way imaginable. Below are a few of the many specific documents one will find prepared or in template format should the need arise in which your company could use a little extra assistance which also shows the importance of hr.

  • Downloadable forms ready to use in PDF, Word, and Excel formats.
  • Templates for most of the major needs all companies should have in place.
  • Letters that can be customized for fit your current situations.
  • Policy templates that can be easily made company specific.
  • Hiring reference materials such as interview questions and reference check forms.
  • Disciplinary warnings, letters, and various documentations to assist record keeping.

As you see, HR is really important, especially when it comes to a  business grow and scalability.

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