10 Top Team Building Activities

You often will find when working with groups of people from various walks of life that no matter how civilly they carry themselves, they may not be performing like a team. To aide in this team formation many offices seek out team building activities as they are a great yet fun way to have the solo thoughts become group ones. Here we have highlighted ten of the top team building activities that have a tried and true success rating, of which, you are not only permitted but encouraged to give them a try.

Team Building Activities for Work: Team Building Activities in Office Workspaces and Settings

Each of the selected activities that are being highlighted have been chosen as they required very little in the way of supplies. You will also find that they need no set number of staff or employees and that they can work for the large and small companies equally. Let’s jump right in and help you to build the greatest team in which your company has ever seen.

1. Egg-Tastic Time

To begin highlighting team building activities it seems only right that we start out with a time honored classic known as The Egg Race. Each team is given an egg and a means to travel it, smallest means possible is encouraged. The winning team is the team that gets the egg to the finish line via all items members.

2. Peaceful Pieces

Office team building exercises come in a variety of shapes and sizes as this next project reflects. Puzzling Day is the next activity for team building to be highlighted. For this you will need two puzzles, the number of pieces per each will vary based on the overall size of the employee group, the more employees the larger the piece count. Split the two puzzles up into two different colored lunch sacks or bags that have been labeled as to puzzle one or puzzle two. It will not take them long, especially on the smaller puzzle counts, to learn that they do not have the required pieces in which to complete the puzzle. Have those that have a puzzle that matches join together and then race against the alternate team to see who has the first completed puzzle.

3. Boat-Like Bonding

Indoor games for employees are often the most sought after of the team building activities. However, in the office team building can be done in so many different manners and ways. This short exercise We refer to as Narrow Passage. Supplies needed are means of marking off an area (rope, yarn, streamers, etc). Think of various boats for this activity, begin with a yacht and end with a canoe, for example. This activity can be done away from or at workplace locations. Have a predetermined space that gets smaller and smaller. The group must keep all members with the boundaries of the narrow passage to be successful.

4. Air Ball

Yet another classic for top ten of team building activities selection has got to be the Ball Pass. Here each team must successfully pass a ball via the air to the end zone without allowing it to touch the ground.

5. Wheels Of the Bus

Work team building ideas are often needed for conflict resolution or reduction in overall workplace tension and for many that requires an issue or issues to be vocalized. To help with office communication we have On the Bus Off the Bus. A positive statement is required to get onto the bus. An item or issue spoken allows them to get off the bus. Continue until the situation has been aired to the success level maximum your workplace needs to succeed.

6. Music Masters

Break out the air instruments and prepare to be the best team as music matters to the Air Band. In the Air Band competition it is the job of each team to compete to see which one can come up with the best air moves.

7. Hear No See No

Simple team building activities do not all have to be new as the classic ones work very well. This activity is one of those classics often loved for a nice and simple team building activity We call One Eye One Ear. The only required accessories or supplies would be a sheet of paper and a pen or other device that one can you to write or draw.   Have the team break down into pairs. The ear is given the paper and writing instrument while the eye will get an item to describe. Eyes must tell ears what to draw without showing them the design or telling what is the item. For example, the item is sunny landscape the directions can be to draw a circle in the top right corner. ¾ way down the page draw a vertical line, etc.

8. Team Building Powers

For the next activity, called Teaming Towers, you will need to supply each team with a matching collection of supplies (dry pasta, marshmallows, candies, etc.). Utilizing the provided supplies each team must design and construct a tower that is self standing for a set amount of time without falling. The tallest of the team towers to stand the required time is the winning team.

9. Going to the Races

Sadly, this is not an outing but just yet another team building activity called Powering Pinewoods. Here each group will need to be supplied with a pinewood derby car kit. Collectively, they must work together to create the quickest car of the day.

10. Bond Pairing Bond Breaking

This activity for adults is a great example of team building activity ideas for work called Breaking Bonds to Build Bonds yet still having some issue with overall teamwork. Here are a few tricks to try when breaking the team up into smaller groups. All of these are designed to split apart people that have clicked  to allow them to better know the others around them at work as well. Enjoy these breakdowns that have a few twists.  

  • We have found that using the count off works great and breaks up clicks already formed, in that have the starting person say one, person next two, next in line one, and so on. Watch the end of the line up for movers trying to outmaneuver the counting.


  • Once the ones and the two are separated and have mingled a bit line them up yet again. This time have them count off in threes. Person one-one, person two-two, person three-three, person four-one, person eight would then be a two. Again watch for those that will try to outsmart the count out.


  • Finally once groups into threes allow to mingle and decide based on total number per group the oddest breakup that would work. Here We normally select the two shyest, quietest, to begin pulling people one at a time, person one select one, person two select one, person one select another, and on. The first two become paired. Second two same. Variant here is with the last two remaining take person one’s selection and pair with person two, person two’s selection then goes to person one.

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