12 Simple Ways to Motivate Your Employees

Whether you’re a new startup or an established company, your success doesn’t just rely on how many customers you gain – it’s also about your employees. Motivate your employees to keep doing great work every day with these top effective tips:

1. Be Honest

As the old saying goes, “honesty is the best policy.” Be up front about your company structure and policies to win the trust of your employees. If something isn’t working about their strategy or workplace habits, explain why and be clear.

2. Listen

If you’re doing most of the talking during your staff meetings, chances are you might be missing out on some key ways to improve your business. The good news is that you don’t need to hire an expensive consultant to diagnose the problem – your employees might be the source of your next million-dollar idea. Your team is the one directly carrying out your marketing strategy or dealing with customers, so when something is working well (or not), they’re often the first to know. Encourage your employees to offer insights – and then really listen to them.

3. Follow Through on Promises

Along with listening, this is one of the top ways to develop trust with your employees. Whether it’s a holiday bonus or that extra day off, don’t promise something and then back out when the time comes to deliver. Employees need to know they can take you at your word.

4. Say Thank You

Nothing can be more pleasantly surprising than hearing a heartfelt “thank you” as you’re leaving the office. This is doubly important if an employee truly went above and beyond, or put in extra time to meet an important deadline. But even on normal days, those two magic words go miles in making employees feel appreciated.

5. Compensate Your Employees Well

It doesn’t matter how fun your office culture is or how many free snacks you keep stocked in the break room – the main reason your employees are showing up is because of a regular paycheck. Even in startups and small companies where huge hiring bonuses and salary packages might be impractical, make sure the compensation you offer is fair.

6. Don’t Fix What Isn’t Broken

Sometimes, the most effective strategy is the simplest. If you’re lucky enough to have discovered a system that works, don’t overcomplicate it with extra meetings or steps.

7. Consider a Pet-Friendly Workplace

Studies show that creating a pet-friendly workplace or adopting an office dog is pretty much a guaranteed way to boost office morale. Having a pet around the office has been linked to everything from increasing productivity to fostering teamwork and collaboration… not to mention, it’s adorable.

8. Show Employees Their Time Matters

You might not be able to offer your employees paid holidays to a Caribbean island, but show that their time away from the office matters as much to you as it does to them. Keep emails, phone calls, and meetings to office hours, and you’ll be rewarded with extra productivity on Monday morning. Start using time management tools to keep schedules organized.

9. Set Goals Regularly…

Keep everyone on the same page. What goals are you currently trying to meet? What’s the best way of reaching them? Try to make regular goals (and how your team can achieve them) an integral part of daily meetings.

10. And Provide Incentives for Meeting Them

When your employees reach a target goal or an important milestone, celebrate it. Incentive programs don’t have to be cash gifts or fancy perks, either. Recognize employees that made a difference, or encourage them to recognize each other.

11. Invest in Employee Training

It’s hard to stay motivated if you’re not feeling challenged at work. Keep your employees on the cutting edge by offering additional job training as often as possible. Or better yet, make it easier for employees to train each other – connect new hires with experienced mentors within the company to keep your team accountable.

12. Establish strong organizational culture

Organizational culture plays crucial role in shaping employees behaviour, in the long term it dictates the organizational rules and regulations. Descriptions for this term are around Organizational culture is simply the process of sense making within the organisation  for the most part it serves as glue to integrate the employees with the organizational goals and missions. Last but not the least as a manger you must be striving pretty hard to create a productive workflow in your organization, however some of the obstacles make this processes slow. There are tons of  productivity tools and hacks for running profitable business today but one gets stuck in them. Especially when it comes to employee attendance management  the routine which should be automated far back in the time when the hourly wage was introduced. Check out Workly-simple cloud based time and attendance system for your business. Workly is a smart employee management software, which assists you in building schedules and tracking attendance. This blog contains articles that might be of interest to HR and other business professionals. Take a look at workly.io and get your free trial to start a super productive employee attendance management.

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