21 Strategies for Mastering Skills

We all desire to be more productive, any day being in a struggle of where to find ideas and strategies how to enhance own skills and broaden mindset. Self-mentorship in HR behavior results in leadership matters, where you become a truthful example of how to be productive beyond godlike.

When you see things from multiple perspectives, you consider the future achievements in far less time than you imagined. Yet this passion for development is trending, people just fall in dreams without action, effort and kick-start.

People tend to observe only fixed and limited views about future achievements. Some just fear, some show lack of imagination or inspire.

People are not able to analyze all resources available around them.

People have limited views about time and how long planning could be.

Thus, to break the rules, all you need to do to increase own productivity and become a real leader in your organization or department, here is the list of 21 possible strategies that fit any psychology type of human to become a goddess in own sphere 😉

1.   Be more ambitious than ever

Goal setting helps to realize perspectives for future only when you are breaking rules in measuring stick. When you aim 100x times higher, you can see how you can overcome anyone. Motivation drivers of dreams show effort demands when plans are difficult to achieve and urgent.

2.   Power up your subconscious patterns

Mind balance in patterns if they are powered show results while being asked for insights. Simply, before going to sleep, place a question, problem or task to your subconscious mind to get visual your solution. You can trust your deep mind more than your own.

3.   Place yourself into counter-intuitive environment

Albert Einstein in his Annus Mirabilis papers provided information about reflective angles of different spheres of science. Success in one and two chosen fields masters flexibility of mind, where you can introduce ideas and create competitive advantage, mixing insights of two spheres.

4.   Learn from counter-intuitive resources

The same applies for knowledge, theories and practices. Before you go for prospect environment, you need to know what is waiting for you there. Do not dive into an ocean if you do not know what lives in there.

5.   Focus on the process of big people

When you want to develop expertise at something, study and emulate the process of people rather than results. Once you get process-oriented, you realize that you also can achieve amazing results. big_people

6.   Ignore what others are doing

Tim Grover explained once that the world’s elite do not compete with each other. They set trends and make others to react. Rather than copying what others are doing, live your own values. Put first things first.

7.   Provide 80/20 analysis of activities

Pareto analysis proves that 20% of activities bring 80% value. Find these patterns and link priority in your own strategy.

8.   Prioritize high-leverage activities

Once you identify it, you can possibly perform skills automatically, leaving conscious to focus on other things. Flexible mind should cover lay-ups more than needed.


9.   Learn to apply, not to procrastinate tasks

Yet procrastination helps people to best perform activities while being stressed, however, try applying more tasks in role-play simulations.

10.   Focus on quantity first

When planning, design processes based on the quantity of your effort that you would invest in certain tasks. Overall, while creating portfolio, do not waste time to find that best aim, but provide more pieces of work to enhance skills.

11.   Track few for more clarity

Performance measures on quantity of data. If you report measure results and report it, the rate of improvement accelerates. However, if you try to link many indicators and coefficients, the results may turn into a jam.

12.   Heighten expectations of prospective results

Most people never get stronger simply because they do not put themselves under the weight. When you aim at the average, your esteem is the average. High positions demand great effort. Moreover, high expectations help you to get more motivation to accomplish.

13.   Surround yourself with highly motivated people

 The Pygmalion effect of other people's expectations heavily influences how well you perform. Simply, you observe processes of people and their esteem motivates you to overcome difficulties. Experiments show that when seeking mentorships, try one with high expectations people, whose mental barriers simply do not exist. surround_yourself

14.   Expect to expand and adapt

Humanity is highly adaptive to changes. Being flexible at work and in working field is your way to succeed in evolution. Social impact and globalization nowadays demand expand minds with good adaptive abilities.

15.   Do not end development with one mentor

One head is good, two is better. Opinions and thoughts of many people broaden your perception of working spheres mostly when you do not copy just one, but adapt the thoughts of many. Anyone can teach you, you just need to listen and analyze.

16.   Set the tone of mentorship program

The mentee in you should determine mostly the relationship with the mentor himself. Darren Hardy said that you should never take advice from someone with whom you would not trade places. Thus, to experience proper mentorship program, just choose the person of whom do you really want to be like.

17.   Give credit where credit is due

Although your success is your own responsibility, you are not the sole cause of that success. You are not independent of all the help you can receive. More accurately, you are the product of other people. Thus, consider to share the fame and benefits of your success in pleased admiration for others.

18.   Think astronomically

People are limiting themselves in one galaxy, but who knows what Universe you can imagine inside your head. Stop encountering yourself in time, scope, complexity, ability and power. Proof that one of your thought can reach other galaxies, where other people were afraid to look.

19.   Think laterally

The success stories are not just one path through obstacles, but the plan of different paths and approaches to achieve one goal. People that think laterally are always ready for changes because they are able to predict changes and think up how they would go beside it or find another way.

20.   Think more flexible about limited resources

The mindset of humans always prognoses limitedness of resources. Yet, a few of them can bring up ideas on how to interchange them or replace to keep the synergy. For example, if your budgets are low and limited, try more to find ways on where to get resources you demand from different perspectives.

21.   Think more flexible about limited time

Time is a real abstraction, where the more you think of these limits, the more you lose. Never limit yourself in time counters; never assume that for your success it would take 3-5 years. Just go with it, do your stuff and develop.

Simply, goal achievement is a race where you probably must win. Competition is high and the strongest people are still people. Never be jealous of someone’s success, just look at the process, prioritize plans and go with it, living with your own values.

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