5 Steps to Write a Mission Statement

One of the best ways in which to describe your business to others can be done through the help of a business mission statement. The business statement is a variation of an outline that is used as a definition of the company’s overall vision. Lately though it seems as if many are unable to create a good company mission statement. These five steps, however, can help to ensure that you have one of the best mission statements out there.

Mission statements for business

A good mission statement writer remembers that this a prime business opportunity to define a company. The following list are areas of the company you want to be sure not to leave out of the mission statement. Try to stand out and be a bit more on the unique side if your business is unique.

  • Company goals
  • Company ethics
  • Decision-Making Culture
  • Norms for Decision-Making

How to write a mission statement - Step One

Brainstorming is the ideal beginning place for any new creative project, and the creation of a business mission statement is definitely a creative project. We have included a list of questions to help give you a helping hand or two with the initial start of the brainstorming. When it comes to brainstorming the best performance option would be to list and keep listing without stopping to read each word you write down as this is merely a stepping stone or super rough draft with the final draft to follow in a later step.

  • Why did you decide to go into business?
  • What was it that you hoped to achieve by starting this business?
  • Who do you have or wish to have as clients?
  • How is it that you plan to be of service to those clients?
  • What industry or subsection does your business fall within?
  • What is your role in the section selected in the question above?

* Please note that we have also included a step to come that will have you narrowing down the list.

How to create a mission statement - Step Two

This step in a sense is a continuation of the brainstorming list above, however, this step is about defining the company rather than the backstory of why a company.This brainstorming step requires you to reach within the business down to its very core so that the description is a perfect fit both inside and out. Like the previous step we have provided a few questions to help get you started on your list that will become narrowed and fine tuned later.

  • How is it one would refer to or describe the overall personality of your company?
  • What are the characteristics one would use to describe your company?
  • How is your company different from others in the same industry or category?
  • Is your company one that can be considered of a cutting edge style?
  • Does your company have a playful side?
  • Does your company have a sense of humor?
  • Does playful or humorous seem to unprofessional?
  • What is the culture of the company like?
  • To go to work is it a formal place with a dress code that is on the stricter side?
  • To go to work is it casual and laid back as long as tasks are completed on time?
  • Is your company a family gathering like environment with cooperation and helpfulness?

Creating a Unique Mission Statement -Step Three

The list we are brainstorming in this step is on the company goals. In our opinion step three is the most important of all the steps in regards to letting those outside of the company see and envision you and your company in the same manner that you yourself see it. The company goals are also the heartbeat for all staff, current and future, as the goals are how their individual jobs are defined. What do you see or envision as the overall goals of the company? What are the short and long term plans that you have for the company? What is the single most important thing that you are hoping to accomplish at a company level? What are the goals your company has on regards to the staff?

Step Four - The Mission Statement Development

The time has come in which we will take the previously made lists and narrow them down to the best  and the most interesting aspects of each section and topic. You then want to mix into the lists selections quantifiable elements that are rooted and concrete. The object is to define and share what the heart of your company is as well as what it has to offer. Keep in mind that you are not wanting to have a big idealistic vision without basis or rootedness. Kick in some personality in the words used as descriptors and the style in which you write. Keep in mind, however, that you want this wordplay and language spin to match the persona of the overall company. If your company is of the laid back, wear jeans to work, variety have fun and get word creative. However, if your company is more formal and conservative then this writing section and tone should be made to match. Your notes should address this determination already from the previous steps. The following are some of the key aspects to assist.

  • Word choice is of a rather huge importance for one poorly selected word can literally change the entire statements meaning.
  • If applicable many company use a single word that they is able to encapsulate their image and then offer supporting sentences for further elaborate the word choice.
  • If your lists have been narrowed but there is still a lot there consider making several smaller statements rather than one. For example, customer service mission, product mission, and client services mission are all statements that although smaller and section defining still help to explain the company as a whole.
  • This is also a good time to make certain that all areas of the company have been explained and included as you wish them to be. If an area or areas is missing they can either be added to the single primary statement or as an additional smaller one.

Step Five - Bringing it All Together

Now that you're done narrowing the lists that have been built and have had the opportunity to elaborate and clarify it is time to finalize the statement and bring all the sections together. A good mission statement should lead people to ask right questions. People always want to know more. Once this has been done to your satisfaction have someone check your mission statement to remove all spelling and grammatical issues. Have the staff and other members of the company take a look. If you like the feedback you're getting, then your mission statement is serving its goal. If it looks like confusing, you definitely need to rewrite it. To be more productive in doing business use Workly app that significantly simplifies all processes connected with time management. It will keep your employees  from time wasting and will help them to be more productive at their workplaces.

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