50 Shades of HR – Routine Masochism that We All Love

Human factor leads to mistakes and HR routine is not an excuse. The list is huge and dark, shaded to negative outcome in business ecosystem. That spank situation over white-collars in HR management is leading through the society as a human factor. We all like spanking masochism at work – failing projects, keeping up with deadlines, reaching the KPI and other important tasks, even staying productive. HR routine has not been replaced yet by automatic services, thus, due to human factor, these mistakes are the classy of all in daily tasks than ever. The presentation is as follows:

1.    Outdated employee handbook

Updated employee handbook is core regardless the size of the company. Having it updated leads to acceptable and expected behavior of allocated guidelines to individual member.

2.    Undocumented performance-based terminations

Documentation of procedures demands HR executive to collect happened occasions on the working field due to prevent repeated evidences of job performance.

3.    Incomplete employee files  

Not keeping employee files leads to invalid documentation of compliances and lack of control of individual problems in the workforce.

4.    Hasty hires and promotions  

Rapidity in recruitment leads HR management to increased number of mistakes in this process and failures in job description.

5.    Disregard for training  

Ignoring the training of your employees would affect inappropriate talent management and lack of KPI requirements.

6.    Inadequate HR policies

Not considering completeness in HR system processes leads to disastrous workplace.

7.    Employment compliance ignorance  

Also is a problem of misclassified talent management, occurring in costly workforce management failures.

8.    Inaccurate job descriptions  

Leads to ineffective recruitment and is costly over time and team management with no right tasks allocation.

9.    Unprofessional interviewing  

Asking no right questions is a waste of time of both manager and prospect and is useless to meet the requirements in job applications.

10.   Lack of proper allocation

Happens when there is no time to properly address all types of messages to your team and individually to any members, which leads to failures in overall performance.

11.   Document performance problems

This is a part of same incorrect action with lack of time on legal duties of documentation.

12.   Prolonged employee fire

When you are waiting too long and thinking repeatedly to make this decision, you are losing money on recruitment and still paying this employee, making another more qualified one waiting for the open position.

13.   Legal ignorance

Do not overestimate that some legalities are not applicable to your company; the EEOC, Department of Labor and OSHA requirements are for any type of businesses.

14.   Ignore overtime pays

Any business underestimates payments for overtime workers despite Fair Labor Standards and trying to save money on it, leading to demotivated workforce.

15.   Exhausted employees

Happens with failures in project management with no right task allocation and planning, where employees are required to stay up to midnight to finish project aims being scared to lose a job.

16.   Poor employment records  

Situation happens when HR management is considering documentation boring and fails I-9 forms with poor employment records, leading to legal regulations failure.

17.   Fail appraisal forms

Happens when your KPI is not professionally designed and leads to mistaken analysis in compensation.

18.   Ignoring small issues

People are leaving companies when they are done with small issues, thus, considering them is more important to manage satisfactory environment in the company.

19.   Ignoring feedback

Happens as a result of insufficient appraisal forms and means that your employees would not have an idea of what they need to improve to increase performance.

20.   Ignoring back feedback

Occurs when HR manager states his persona as a boss and could not hear the feedback of his performance from employees.

21.   Favoritism

Obviously affecting team management.

22.   Nepotism

The same obvious influence on team management.

23.   Ignoring employee handbook  

This is a core need for allocating rules and company’s regulations to provide efficiency and prevent failures and conflicts in the team.

24.   Ask to volunteer

Remember the point 15 and try to avoid volunteering. This would not lead to team building and if needed try to provide payment for this.

25.   Interviewing stereotypes

Avoid deductions on appearance, sex, age and marital status. In modern society freedom of self-expression leads to higher productivity and creativity.

26.   Avoid dress code

Same effect with restrictions over some types of internal working employees can lead to increased freedom and productivity.

27.   Routine paperwork

In the age of automatic software solutions not considering them leads to increased number of costly mistakes, rather than choosing the appropriate software to save more time and money.

28.   Strict regulations on daily reporting  

Try to avoid collecting reports from all your employees every day. Once a week is enough to analyze performance of each.

29.   Ignore ethics in recruitment

Try to avoid ethical issues that lead to bad HR branding (e.g. call up the candidate even if your answer is negative to his application).

30.   Lack of communication

Employees need your approval on their achievements, so try to be friendly with your workforce to show the acceptance and openness of team management.

31.   HR braveness in overtaking duties

Avoid considering yourself a robot and try to hire a deputy to allocate some routine work or split duties between to decrease mistakes and deadlines failures.

32.   Ignore self-education

HR manager is a part of a business in resource allocation, planning and decision-making, consequently there is a high demand in finance and social sciences knowledge.

33.   Ignoring social problems of employees

Try to learn more about living prospects of your workforce, maybe some of them live in a tent that they could not afford a house. Provide social security and tell a world about them to increase HR branding potentials.

34.   Lack of alignment between mission and values  

Leads to your employees untreated and not knowing where and when to aim with goals and achievements.

35.   Stay offline

Next routine spanking to yourself with traditional approach to duties. Paperwork is already moved to digital forms, routine be allocated to software solutions.

36.   Going super ethics

Is also considered as a psychological mistake with too ideal corporate environment.

37.   Goal setting failure

Know your team and its core abilities to provide better project management. Some still do not know project management goal settings, thus the team could not operate efficiently.

38.   Know more than HR

HR management starts not only with team building, but with also acknowledging production specifications in any sphere related.  E.g. manufacturing HR differs from IT HR with different people.

39.   Ignore social trends

Team management is still failed by HR processes in ignoring the fact of target audience your employees include. Worsen environment with not knowing your people preferences and you result in worst HR regulations with organizational culture.

40.   Positioning priorities  

Some of HR managers place themselves as bosses in the company with strict regulations and negotiate on friendship, which is not likely for efficient working environment with compliance issues and employee relations.

41.   Standard approaches

HR is art, not science. Psychology behind, it must provide creative methodology in team building, rather than being too professional.

42.   Under communicating

Being busy in daily tasks and routine paperwork you are not strengthening HR in your company with employee relations, which leads to communication gap with lack of company’s values allocation between management and employees.

43.   Neglecting employer brand

Situation that most of HR ignore. The competition for acquiring and retaining talents in the company might be serious issue to consider. The company is also a brand as a recruiter, thus the reputation is core.

44.   Misclassifying workers  

Modern society is divided into full-time employees and freelancers, which require different approach being two different classifications, which demands exploration and learning on IRS and DOL regulations.

45.   Fail to onboard new employees

Most of HR believe that recruiting ends with applying an employee. However, the problem behind the onboarding explains issues of acquainting with other staff members, which leads to wasted time on organizational tasks.

46.   One-on-one coaching  

Starts when HR manager is only one who participates in onboarding, regarding operational manager, CEO and divisional manager. Leaving this coaching only on one-specialist decreases KPI of training something to zero.

47.   Leaving motivation on material compensation

Means that money is no more motivation tool nowadays. Corporate values, potential learning and promotion, training and benefits are working much more efficiently as compensation system.

48.   Ignore market pay rates  

Is another pitch in HR branding. Research on market pay rates, KPI and compensation model should be designed in compensation plan to provide stable talent management with flexible pay rates to prevent over-payment and less payment to your employees.

49.   Not treating every infraction as important

Every regulation infraction must cross imaginary line with native communication with employees. Most of HR of small companies fail to connect discipline with friendly atmosphere.

50.   Open door policies

Result in confronting opinions and compliance. Instead, try to anonymity 360 appraisal forms and encourage communication by adding another layer of security of opinions collected. HR masochism is a list of mistakes that we are forgetting to improve (lads and gents, please, there are 50 of them in one list). This amount is much difficult to remember, however, if your HR is powered by modern software as Workly, you ensure real things done by HR process, rather than routine tasks and still applying mistakes. Stop being spanked by your lack of efficiency; enhance skills while system gets your routine!

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