6 Reasons why you need to stop what you are doing and start using Workly

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Human resource management is one of the key areas where automation can help an organization to become more effective. A company’s growth depends on its employees and, there is no doubt that employee time is the most valuable resource any organization can have. Start using Workly Time and Attendance software

Employee time and attendance is one of the basic indicators of employee engagement. According to Gullop research "employee engagement continues to be an important predictor of company performance even in a tough economy'.

At the same time, labor cost is one of the key expenses. Even in the retail business on average 30 percent of your gross sales cover labor expenses. Tracking employee attendance is an important issue for the manager because employee idle time results in thousands of wasted dollars per year. In this post, you will learn more about Workly, the most affordable Time and Attendance solution on the market. Below are the 6 reasons for your to stop what you are doing and start using Workly:

1. Manual punch clock system is ugly and suck away your life.

When you search for “punch clock”, there are over 300 search results come up on Amazon. The good part of time clocks are manual. Because you can not centralize attendance statistics using manual time clocks, you are doomed to waste time on time and attendance.

With old-style time clocks and absence of checks and balances you can experience cheating and waste of resources. We calculated that one of our clients Korzinka, a supermarket chain, was losing  16 515 840 dollars per year in labor costs. Workly is using TimePad. The TimePad is a free time and attendance app that works both on Android and iOS. Employees can clock in and out using a QR code that is generated the system. After an employee clocks in, a camera on the device where you installed TimePad snaps a photo that is sent to the cloud along with a timestamp.

2. Easy to access

The above mentioned Korzinka has over 20 locations and because Workly stores all the data in the cloud, employees and management have access to time and attendance analytics at the tip of their fingers.

3. Security

Since we use special protocols and encryption methods, your data is secure. You don't have to worry about data centralization and synchronization Workly automatically connects to the server.

4. Provides great value

The cost per employee per month is around 1 dollar. There are no up-front fees and you will get a 14-trial account. At the same time, the cost for a biometric terminal can reach $2000 dollars.

5. Preventing spreadsheet abuse since 2012. One company at a time.

To build and maintain schedules in excel spreadsheet takes, on average, ten hours per week. Companies must leave spreadsheets for the engineers and financial specialists and start using a time and attendance rather than using boring and unnecessary paper timetables and schedules. Our software will do it for you and reduce the necessity to spend time on paperwork.

6. Go green!

Workly eliminates paperwork. That means that you save the Earth from deforestation and help to prevent the Global Warming. How cools is that?

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