6 Toxic Types of Employees

Toxic employees are not affecting overall workforce by their behavior and mind this is the real apple of discord, if their performance at the right level. The presented list describes their archetypes and behavioral patterns:

1.   Drama Queens

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These people are likely to be in the center of conflicts, most of the times take the initiation by themselves. The destruction they provide in the working environment is quite relationship based and spices up workforce.

2.   Victims

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People of this type are sly as foxes. Their excuses are brilliant and genius, which allows them to be out of problems in any situation without taking any responsibility for own faults.

3.   Rebels

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Rebels are present in any organization. Discipline and dress code are not for them, as long as rules, control and culture. Rebels are against any system. Employees of this type are helpful to share clear opinion, be very independent and energetic.

4.   Untouchables

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Working scenario of the environment consists also of emotional people. Untouchables are very impulsive and complex minded, but performance is independent and is in higher standards.

5.   Unbelievers


Depressed people that work without any aims. They do not believe in success, yet do not make any mistakes. Recommended use of this people is in long-term projects, where they would never been influenced by external factors.

6.   Wisenheimers

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Experts in any field of discussion are not helpful for growing companies, not capable for product creation and development. Originally, the success of wisenheimers lays in theoretical discussions while brainstorming. The described list of toxic employees you can observe in any company and any society. Balanced workforce lays in right human resource allocation, where the talent management should deal with toxicity of these types of employees, dark side of which could perfectly work for related tasks.

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