7 Best Practices for Project Management

Project management requires a rigorous attitude starting from the very beginning to eliminate any possible blunder by team members.

It is important that the project management best practices involved the best possible planning, monitoring, and controlling, through the effective deployment of all resources, these include:

  • Effectively communicating with all team members,
  • Creating a risk-response team,
  • Holding a project kick-off meeting to communicate expectations,
  • Having detailed task definition document, and composing a project detailed work plan,
  • Making use of feedback – response,
  • Communicating to other stakeholders, the impact of add-ons on a project,
  • Holding wrap-up meetings and managing new agreements.

1. Effectively communicating with all team members

Effective communication is the number one issue on program management best practices. Communication is necessary before a project commences, and all through the duration of handling a project. Be sure to contact with all stakeholders, be sure not to select only few of them, and these must include key members within the teammates, clients, and other valuable users or contributors.

2. Creating a risk-response team

Responding to risks is one of the main principles of project management. That means all projects are constantly subjected to different levels of risks and for this reason, there must be a standby team to handle such risks and ensure that they don’t jeopardize the success of the project. Prompt risk response will ensure that a project remains within the appropriate green zone and not the yellow or red zone. You must think about your team as the security line which will be able to protect your project from of all problems when they occur.

3. Holding a project kick-off meeting to communicate expectations

A project kick-off meeting is one critical component of project management principles and practices. It is important to connect all your project stakeholders with the initial or kickoff meeting, in order to ensure that the project is successful. Everyone needs to be aware of all expectations upfront, and the earlier you communicate these expectations to everyone the better the project is handled. A project kick-off meeting will also help communicate all small tasks to the appropriate team members. Note, you need to be sure that every member of your team is informed about all activities necessary from the beginning to be able to meet deadlines and accomplish tasks.

4. Having detailed task definition document, and creating a project detailed work plan

One of the most confusing issues that may develop during the handling of a project is making clarification on who handles what task. To be an effective project manager, there must be a clear definition of each task and what must be handled by each member of the team. Having a detailed document, will help avoid any uncertainty and confusion, the document must shows what a team or group must handle and the deadlines to meet, and the work definition document must be signed by all stakeholders. Having a detailed work plan can help formalize a work plan for your project and helps everyone hit a milestone. There must be a documented plan that must be executed at each stage, with examples on how each stage can be handled effectively. You need to keep in mind that whatever gets done must be measured, and every moving parts must be measurable.

5. Making use of feedback – response

One of the top skills of a project manager is the ability to respond to all feedbacks. As a project manager, it is very important that everything that happens be documented. The cause of all happenings, and how to prevent negative situations from recurring, must be known and documented. Responding to feedbacks can help in making better decisions. You must document each steps involved, the bottlenecks, task dependencies, and changes in scopes must be documented. No one is perfect, and, in achieving global excellence, there will be right and wrong steps. Good management practices means, you must be aware, and create individual room for improvement. Be patient enough to take criticisms from your team members and other stakeholders, if you really want to be successful in managing a project. You shouldn’t be afraid to ask for feedback even from project beneficiaries or clients, and individual professionals outside of the project management team.

6. Communicating to other stakeholders, the impact of add-ons on a project

Project add-ons facilitate the effectiveness of project management. It can be very easy to agree on some project handling and management methods, but there is a way to avoid project overload, and that is the use of project add-ons. It simply means anytime when new project request comes up within the project task handling, you need to have a technique whereby the new request does not affect the project deadline. Add-ons may mean, hiring new project handles, or making use of new software.

7. Holding wrap-up meetings and managing new agreements

If you want to learn how to be the best project manager, you should learn how to communicate effectively all updates on project handling through constant wrap-up meetings. You need a wrap-up meeting as follow-ups for your gains and it will also help you learn more about how to improve on future tasks ahead of you. If you have been able to develop a flawless procedure for handling specific tasks, you can continue to stick with such process to achieve more, otherwise, you will need advices from stakeholders. Managing new project agreements is one of the best practices in project management. Stakeholders must be clear on new scopes of work and how they will impact on the overall results of projects. There must be a documented agreement to ensure that there will be no confusion. Follow-up meetings must be constant in order to fix issues whether they are minor or major. When it comes to project management, one app you cannot ignore is Workly. The app is very effective in handling certain project handling steps, including time-scheduling of tasks, and management of human and capital resources. Workly can help facilitate a perfect arrangement that can help coordinate all activities at all levels of project management, therefore it becomes easier to manage resources and meet up with deadlines. The app also helps in handling payroll and other administrative duties.

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