7 Dream Jobs You Never Knew Existed

At least once when you were planning to apply for a new job, you asked yourself: “ is there a perfect job where you do just what you truly love and get paid for that?” Well, good news for you here, your work life can be just like a movie all inclusive.

Spice up your life with these bunch of jobs you probably thought only existed in your wildest dreams. Time to get inspired by one of these dream jobs!

1. Professional snuggler


Yes, they really exist and they call themselves the snuggle buddies or cuddlers. This job is for the ones who like to lay around and get paid for that.  As the viral saying goes “want to cuddle a stranger? Go to Japan!” Not surprisingly, it has originated from Japan where people, often lonely ones, go to “sleep together shop” to crawl into bed and fall asleep. Whenever you feel like tired to the bone just give it a try.

2. Personal shopper

Personal shopper is a perfect job for any shopaholic as they are in charge of regularly maintaining a jaw-dropping wardrobes for their employers. Although a college degree is not required to become a personal shopper, one has to possess excellent ‘people skills’, imagination and creativity or styling, cultural differences awareness and strong decision making abilities. Besides the fact that you derive eternal satisfaction from buying some stuff for people who employed you, this job also on the top highly paid jobs in the world. Joking apart, personal shoppers also qualify for certification of AICI. The certification is optional but it will increase the earning potential and credibility.

3. Water-slide tester

This job pretty much sounds like receiving an unlimited ticket to Luna park or a paid vacation. Sebastian Smith is said to be the world’s first water-slide tester to win the international contest. His job is to travel around the globe testing out the water-slides for first choice holidays.  

4. Lounger


Imagine toppling over on a comfy couch and lying down as much as you need, and I tell you what, what if that was your job? The professional loungers get paid to for ‘testing’ the furniture but it’s not that easy as it seems, sometimes the lounger tests up to 200 pieces in a single day! It sounds like a perfect job for everyone’s inner couch potato but what do you think the loungers do after a long day on a couch when they get home?

5. Toilet paper tester


It might sound a bit nasty, but there are people who help to keep bottoms happy. The toilet paper testers work for contracting companies in a paper mill to test paper towels, paper tissues and toilet paper using specialized equipment. So it’s not that creepy as it sounds but pays little, usually the odd jobs give you about $15 to $18 an hour.

6. Standardized patient

giphy (3)

Would you ever lay yourself down for a medical treatment practices? Standardized patients let the medical students do the medical manners on them and get paid for that. If this is the job you’ve been always dreaming you don’t have to be worry about getting sick as you are always in good hands and cared.   

7. Fortune cookie writer

What does it take to be a fortune cookie writer? Right! Just a little sense of a soothsayer. This could be a great job though you do risk to take responsibility for your predictions. After all that innocent piece of paper with a prediction may have a huge power and influence people's’ future. Get a pen and piece of paper for your unpredictable wishes and turn on your imagination!

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