7 Ways to Prevent Job Burnout

If you feel like been apathetic, struggle with groundless aggression every day, lose interest in job that used to be a favorite one, and experiencing chronic fatigue, it is most likely you have "caught" the syndrome of a burnout in the workplace. And you must get rid of it. This is a very serious disorder that is destructive to your health and that can have strong negative impact on the quality of your life in general. What are the causes of this syndrome? What leads to such disastrous consequences, and what are the ways of how to prevent a burnout. Today we will try to cover all these issues and find some useful solutions.

7 ways to avoid burnout

There are two types of professional burnouts for different employees’ characters. The first type of the employees are those who have found themselves in the wrong place and perform tasks which are not related to their qualifications and are opposite to their temperament avatar. These people are losing interest in activities, begin to withdraw, and cease to grow. They are becoming lethargic and sleepy. The second type of employees is workers who are engaged in the same game for years. That’s the reason why they start to lose their professional motivation. Inability to ascend the career ladder greatly lowers self-image. The reason for burnout may also be a lack of periodic financial rewards and praise from senior colleagues. So what do you need to do if you have "burned"?

To avoid stress talk with a psychologist

In most cases, after you go through school, choosing a profession is an intuitive decision or the advice of your parents. Students are only required to accurately visit university, school, and classroom activities. Nobody seems to be asking what temperament individual students have, what is their personality in order to be able to choose a right profession. If you realize that this particular work does not suit you - talk to a psychologist. Deep psychological analysis of your personality will help to determine the sphere of activity which will be the most comfortable for you to work in.

Do not swoop into the action

Remember: don’t rush into the breach. Try to properly allocate all your loads. Ask for help of your colleagues. Do not behave like an inveterate perfectionist - do not try to be the best. Learn how to switch between categories. Plan the week in advance, try to make real predictions and give a realistic assessment of the capabilities. Do not put yourself out, by saying the chief that weekly volume of work can be done in one hour.

Choose a comfortable workplace

Even the fact of a permanent presence in an open space can morally oppress a person because he (or she) is constantly staying in full view. If you understand that you can not work at this point, try to change workplace within your company. Uncomfortable working conditions cause professional burnout.

For burnout prevention use different psychological tricks

Follow these simple rules at the end of your work day: push the chair under the desk, turn off the computer,  turn off the lights in the office. Work shouldn’t entice you. Be less skeptical against those who are practicing meditation and mantras. These things pacify, calm, balance, and they are not necessarily connected with the esoteric. During the coffee break at work, do not hang in social networks: take a short hike to breathe fresh air or read a paper book (the aim of which is to "wake up" the olfactory and tactile receptors), paint to let your emotions out.

Take a shower after work

After returning home, take a warm shower - the water can wash away all the accumulated negative emotions and useless information.

Take a time-out

Firstly, always find time to rest at the end of the working day. You need to have two days off (back to question of the proper load distribution). Do not miss the opportunity to change the scene and to take the compulsory vacation. Also, attend parties and workshops. At these parties the specialists of different spheres just relax, have fun and exchange business cards with aim to get useful contacts. These activities help to relax among those who understand you, meet new people, get useful information for your work, and new experience. Such “fresh air” won’t let you stagnate in the field of your activity. If you feel that you have finally "burned" at job, take time out if it is possible. All sources - intellectual, moral, psychological, physical need to be restored. This may take some time. If you won’t rest to the fullest extent, the burnout will happen again and you will never be able to feel comfortable at work.

Take physical activities

Every day devote at least quarter of an hour to a physical activities. Don’t make any excuses and fool yourself: floor washing at the two-bedroom apartment is not the same as Yoga exercises or Body Flex Indian dances. Cleaning or food buying - the things that are usually perceived as duty while fitness is the activity that brings not only physical satisfaction but also moral. Muscle fatigue after exercise aims to compensate the fatigue from work, instead of doubling it.

Preventing burnout. Effective time management system

Here are the basic tips on how to save the willingness to work and not to burn out on the job. If you are looking for effective solutions or want to improve your business production scheduling and workflow, unchain yourself from your desk and start to use Workly  that is ideal to boost your company's overall productivity. 

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