All You Need to Know to Hire the Right Candidate

Have you ever found yourself asking is there a key to hiring the right candidate? The answer is “Yes!” there’s a bottom line of hiring the right candidate possible for job.  Already got your mouth watered? Here are the few tips on hiring the right candidates for the right positions. 

Ask the right questions and avoid standard procedures

“Make up the list of questions that will lead to some state of figuring out things, devise some complex and crafty stages and finally give a final task to select the best of the best” if this is your personnel recruitment process then you’re obviously end up with an unbearable headache without clear consent that a certain candidate and your company are meant to be together. Forget about this dull processes and do create a single agenda. The one question a popular fitness star Casey Ho asks her newly comers is “What are your dreams and goals?” She explains it in a simple way. “It’s important for the company to maintain a unified culture so that all could follow one direction” And if that person’s goals doesn’t match your company’s culture, or if it’s something out of context that candidate never run into the company’s mood. No matter what company are you it’s important to keep the business mood and be clear about the candidate should be able to understand your offer to eliminate future misunderstandings. Eventually, you’ll end up asking the right questions, based on your company profile, its culture and shared values.

Replace multiple interview stages with multiple interviewers 

Any hiring process consists of endless stages at least for future employees but in some cases for the employer too. Why not try having different interviewers one by one instead of having different stages? So the main idea to put forward here would be assigning people to have shared interview with people from various departments in various places. This type of interviewing would definitely be to the liking of potential candidates as in this type of job interview one doesn’t get bored or gets confronted with the idea that it’s impossible in anyway to apply for the job you are offering. So the first thing to remember here is to make the application process easy and vivacious. In the moment when candidate leaves your company he would leave with a positive mind that your company treated him or her differently.

Let the candidates to interview you as an employer

Letting the candidate to interview you will allow you to see what’s important to them, if you know what they’re really aiming to achieve through your company you clearly see whether he or she matches the position or not right away. As the working process always been a quid pro quo the job giver seeks for help and job seeker for some benefit. When a potential candidate starts contra-attacking with questions be open and honest about your what it’s going to be like to work in your company, how the activities apart from work go.

Impress the candidate

It’s a two way street between you and your potential candidate so it’s not only his or her job to impress you to get a job. Maybe it’s not of your interest to show off to a candidate that is not likely to be with you but think of an impression he or she shares with the entire world! In any case, you better uphold the company’s image and prove that your company is best fit. 

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