How to Become a Better Leader

Many aspects of leadership require growth and change to occur on a regular basis. The primary basis for this being that, obviously, no two people or groups are ever the same. Therefore, as the people we work with and work for change. Leaders must grow and change to better fit the role that they hold.

There are hundreds of options available for those that seek out ways to lead more effectively or to become a better leader, the hardest aspect here is to define which of those ways are the best ways. We have gathered our best ideals, simplified the steps, thought through the responsibilities required, and are now prepared to share them with all the current and future business leaders.

5 Steps to Becoming a Better Leader

The upcoming list of the five best ways in which to become a better leader are all options that require no classes or training. You have the powers and the abilities right before you, some of which you might never have thought of in the manner we suggest, others that you might have lost track of as the days became busier. No matter we will walk you right through.

1. Try Something New

Become a good leader in the workplace by trying out something new. These new ideas often come from your staff or employees and often they are really good ideas even. Besides wasn’t your company one of those new things to try way back when. More times than we can remember our staff have offered suggestions and once tried it was like, “hey why didn’t I think of that”. Being a leader and running a company one often forgets to take time to step back and try something new. What is the worst that is going to happen, a few laughs and an afternoon in which everyone lightens up a bit?

 2. Learn Your Leadership Style

Characteristics of an effective leader are doomed to be incomplete until you have effectively learned the current leadership style you posses. Depending on where you look for this information you can literally find dozens of variations. The above feedback is a good way to learn how others see your style of leadership and can be a great way to ensure you come across as you are intending. Often times you might even find that your specific style incorporates more than just one of the standard styles. For example, some are both strict and laid back at the same time. Strict with certain rules and laid back on the overall mannerism of outcomes.

3. Give Up Control

How to become a great leader at work often only begins once giving up a bit of the overall control. Delegating is never an easy task for any leader, this we all know. However, some of the greatest leaders in the world are those that step back, lighten up on the reins, and allow the future leaders of the company to take charge.

4. Role Modeling

Ways to be a better leader in a team begins with showing the team how you wish them to be seen. Simply put allowing your team to follow in your footsteps and to do as you do is the key to being the best role model you can. This is especially true if your staff consists of teen or younger adults.

5. Employee Feedback

Becoming a better leader or just a more qualified team leader begins with listening to your employees. The feedback that they offer can be some that can literally make or break the overall team dynamics. There are a number of different ways in which this feedback can be obtained, however, anonymously is often the best as more employees will “speak” up this way normally. Here are a few of the key types that companies have found the most successful in the past.

  • The Good Old Suggestion Box,
  • Feedback Cards,
  • Ask Specific Questions,
  • Suggestions Ox Online Application,
  • Incorporate Feedback Coaches.

Bonus Software Suggestion

Small business scheduling software can be of such a huge help. For the best of the available options we suggest checking into the time and attendance software available online from Workly. Plus as an added bonus you can use your tablet as the new state of the art powerful time clock. Needing to manage people and monitor the business via multiple locations? No problem. This program even allows for your employees to utilize their own smartphones as a punch clock. This is the latest and greatest simple solution for you, your staff, managers and business owners. It offers all of the following and so much more.

  • Fast and Easy Scheduling - Easy-to-use interface that will provide a friendly solution to help with the scheduling of any employee thanks to the work-specific calendar.
  • TimePad Features - This works as a time sheet. Employees can clock in/out using their QR-code or an individualized PIN. Then the data is collected and centralized for easier gathering and use.
  • Time Off Management - Workly provides every employee a new and safe way in which they can request time off, and stay up-to-date of any changes. Likewise the system administrator can easily cancel time-off requests, see changes, approve those need based changes that will work.
  • Reports and Analytics - Onsite reports are available at the click of a finger to analyze attendance,  employee time, and process payroll thus making it to where you are never away from the information you might need.
  • Workly App - Within this section you can schedule employees, manage time and attendance and run basic payroll reports.
  • HR Resources for Your Business - The site has also collected all the HR templates, interactive forms, checklists, and best practices you'll need to process employees at your company.
  • Accurate Time Tracking - Track your employee work hours in minute-to-minute detail with Workly. The online time clock can be used with any device or at any location that you allow.
  • Payroll System Integration- Best of all you can use the Workly system to easily compile, save, print and export your payroll reports into your current accounting software.

Here it is, a small business scheduling software and one of the best time management products market can offer to a business owners. Don’t lose your chance and start to grow your business with Workly today.

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