Best Ways To Improve Employees Morale

If your employees always drag themselves to work, or laughter at work is not a common thing, then you need to start working on employees morale boosters immediately. When employees see their job as just a job and nothing more, the productivity may be compromised, this may affect your turnover negatively.

When you become creative with ways to improve staff morale, they become adaptive to job demands, more lively and those factors will eventually boost cooperation, and help you achieve your organizational goals. The best possible ways of boosting employee morale are:

  • Creatively celebrating staffs accomplishments.
  • Giving employees some time off to pursue what they are passionate about.
  • Mix up customary routines.
  • Training employees to develop positive attitude.
  • Encourage the real lunch breaks.
  • Increase their vacation holidays.
  • Offer them sponsored programs and special discounts.
  • Give them substantial bonuses.
  • Limit their office hours and offer sabbaticals.
  • Re-invent the team building exercises.

Creatively celebrating staffs accomplishments

It is easier for organization managers to think about what is ahead than take time to reflect on past achievements, and this is where they neglect to celebrate any meaningful achievements made by staffs. If you are looking for how to improve employee morale, then you need to encourage your staffs to list their accomplishments and celebrate them. Make sure you announce new accomplishments so that others can be motivated. One creative way of achieving this is issuing awards to creative staffs.

Giving employees some time off to pursue what they are passionate about

Pursuing projects your staffs are passionate about can give them the much needed break they deserve. Allowing them these opportunities, will help enhance performance and boost their creativities. Product upgrades, and process improvements of organizations can be boosted enormously when staffs are allowed to try something new they learn from their personal passionate stuffs.

Mix up customary routines

The department from customary routine within the work environment may be the best morale boosters for the workplace. You can divide staffs into “neighbourhood” groups where they organize their own meetings, you can even encourage them to have team mascots, team jerseys, and team names, to make the whole idea more fun.

Training employees to develop positive attitude

It was discovered that, at the height of the 2009 world economic financial meltdown, employee moral became an issue for most organizations , however, some experts in work ethics decide to organize classes for their staffs where videos of inspiring recovery themes were given to staffs to help them recover from their psychological breakdown. Positive attitude to life is essential to the growth and development of any organization.

Encourage the real lunch breaks

Most organizations do offer their staffs some 10 to 60 minutes tea break but the fact is, most staffs hardly move away from their desks or work vicinities. This type of breaks has little or no positive effect on the morale of staffs. A real lunch break should take your staffs into a serene and more relaxing atmosphere where they can enjoy some freedom - this is one of the best low cost, ways to improve staff morale.

Increase their vacation holidays


Employees deserve just 1 or 2 weeks of vacation holidays, because they see them as too quick to enjoy. Extending their vacation periods by an extra week can give them time to generate new ideas and rejuvenate their minds and bodies. If possible, sponsor them on paid vacations to a branch of your organization where they can spend few days to understudy more advance techniques in handling their jobs. Increased vacations are some of the best staff morale boosters, they help in boosting productivity.

Offer them sponsored programs and special discounts

One of the best possible ways to celebrate your staffs’ work anniversaries, and also give them subsidized services such as gym membership, childcare, transport and shopping vouchers. You can purchase group or individual discounts for your staffs, in order to save more money. When staffs know they will get discounts by the end of the month, their morale will definitely shoot up.

Give them substantial bonuses

Aside from reducing their office hour schedules and increasing their vacation periods, every employee wants bigger bonuses. As a matter of fact, researches has shown that most new employees often consider bonuses and allowances ahead of salaries when seeking employment, therefore, one of the best possible ways of enhancing your staff’s morale is to give them incremental bonuses occasionally.

Limit their office hours and offer sabbaticals

You can encourage retention as well as the quality of lives of your employees by offering more time to them to pursue their passions; these may be volunteering, spending more time with family and friends, or just taking a summer vacation. You can make use of employee scheduling apps to achieve these, and make sure such apps can be viewed across multiple devices and platforms. With an effective scheduling app like Workly, you can perform much more than task scheduling; the app is capable of tracking number of hours of holidays accumulated by an employee, and the dates due for completing tasks. Scheduling and Attendance Software or Apps like this helps you calculate how much sabbatical days an employee deserves and how to schedule such holidays.

Re-invent the team building exercises

An effective team building exercise will ensure that the organizational structures are overturned, positively. You should consider setting aside some funds for professional development programs can help individual employees to explore their strengths while finding ways to deal with their own weaknesses. Encouraging your employee to enroll for voluntary team-building workshops especially on things they have little or no knowledge about can boost their morale and creativity, which in turn can boost their productivity at work. Team building is of huge advantage because it helps employees to cover up for themselves in areas they are not proficient , while doubling on their individual strengths to ensure that given tasks are completed within schedules. What’s more, you can facilitate wide range of a business processes connected with time management by using Workly app. It will help to simplify and organize performance of a staff members and will help to scale your business more effectively.

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