A Billionaire Mindset or What Every Leader Should Know

Leadership is of paramount importance to any growth oriented organization, thus it’s not going to sneak off that easy. Regardless of where you work, what you do or what you are up to- we all lead something. Leaders acquire the very billionaire mindset prior to the time when they become one. But the question is how you’re going to run the show as  a manager? Or how far a great leader are you?

Remember the cliché: “Great leaders are made not born”? This is definitely not going to be the pinnacle of this piece of enlightenment below. These nuggets of advice will increase the odds of your company’s success like never before. Already got your mouth watered? Then have a look at this titbit of world’s leading business literature:

A quite wise quote by John Maxwell reads:  “Leaders become great not because of their confidence and power, but because of their ability to empower others”.

In fact, as a leader one should influence his or her followers towards achievement of a goal. So before jumping into routine of absorbing new hints work on these:

Keep your eyes wide open

Take moment to explore your followers as they are the main subject of your influence. Get to know them closer, inspect their beings and try to understand their personal aspirations to tailor them into yours. Engage them in brainstorming, decision-making and project planning give them a freedom of expression. This will allow you to build trust among your colleagues and employees and develop their potential in the long term.

Be a forever student

Learn new skills, stretch yourself! Get to know new and absolutely different scale skill spread it across and impress your co-workers. Ask someone to teach you, hang up with those who will broaden your span of Remember that people aspire to those who bring surprises or amaze them.

Have a clear vision and stick to it

Vision is what determines what the organisation is trying to accomplish. It’s simply the way the organisation wants to be seen in everyone’s eyes. It’s much easier to lead your team if you have a vivid idea of what you want to achieve. Here are some do’s of for vision:

  • Make your vision concise and purposeful
  • Your vision should be capable of motivating not only you but others in the business too
  • Transform your values into cornerstone and have a clear understanding of the value you create.

Take responsibility for your actions

Lack of confidence often induces deplorable outcomes so stop making excuses for your attempted decision. People tend to trust in those who instil confidence and who maintain a scrupulous honesty.

Engage in what’s right not what’s easy

Be courageous as doing what’s right is not always that easy. Often leaders get into wrong path due to wrong decisions, but who knew that it was wrong?! That’s right, no one, so it’s vital for you  to trust your instincts. When you have a gut feeling just go with it, or how many times have you kicked yourself for not following your gut instincts? Yeah, many many times. So dedicate some minutes to sit and weigh pros and cons.

Express yourself

This is the point when you show your real you deep inside we all want something extraordinary and almost impossible but due to generally accepted rules we constrain ourselves from activating a "Super I" inside us. Get motivated by these:

  • Unleash your innermost desires
  • Start acting that way you feel right
  • Stick up for your ground
  • Prove why you deserve to be their leader
  • Make the people around you strive to become like you

Distribute your time wisely

We live in the era of fast advancement and time is the most valuable resource for each. As a leader and probably a manager, you must be getting out of time everyday, but one doesn’t even realize that there is plenty of tools to help you manage your time and oversee your employees’ time and attendance. Track your employees’ attendance like never before with Workly! Workly is a cloud-based employee attendance management software that uses a powerful time clock to track employee attendance. It works simply by means of TimePad, which is absolutely free and easily accessible for Android and iOS devices


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