Why is Corporate Social Responsibility Important

Before we can truly answer the title question as to the importance of corporate social responsibility we must step back and answer a few questions. As we answer these dire questions the importance will begin to be easier in which to see, find, locate, and classify. The following are the four primary questions that I feel must first be answered in order to ensure the best why is replied.

  1. What exactly is corporate social responsibility also known as CSR?
  2. Are corporate social responsibility and company social responsibility the same CSR in business?
  3. What in business makes the world consider CSR to be an important factor?
  4. To properly manage CSR what is management or those that make decisions to do? What would be the pros -vs- the cons?

Corporate - VS - Company Social Responsibility

For the purposes of this documentation Corporate - VS - Company Social Responsibility are the same, however, keep in mind that no two companies have the same social responsibility. Consumers tend to be more outspoken and adamant towards those entities that are considered to be corporate versus those that are smaller scale and known more as a simple company. On a large scale the corporate social responsibility tends to be applied to those companies that are large and cover many areas and countries whereas the company social responsibility are based more on the mom and pop shops and those companies that do not have a huge hand reach. In other words, to put this into a visual approach would be like speaking of Sony Records and on the other hand speaking of Psychopathic Records. Everyone knows who Sony is and that they are owners of many other additional smaller labels whereas Psychopathic Records is an independent small label on its own. Benefits of social responsibility in the above Psychopathic Records in comparison to Sony Records would be that you know where the items are being made versus not having any real idea respectively.

What in business makes the world consider CSR to be an important factor?

A great example of an area in which the better part of the world considers CSR to be a huge factor can be seen in regards to child operated sweatshops that are used to create a line of products. This makes the consumer market ill at ease whereas the same product made on the smaller scale by a generalized workforce would cause no red flags or issues to arise. Beyond the child operated sweatshops it is shocking how many a blind eye come into play. CSR mandates monitoring and inspections to be completed,  however, it did not follow through to ensure that the reports that were coming in where based on truth, if all inspectors were inspecting with the same criteria, or that they shops were being totally inspected. So who is inspecting the inspectors? As a general rule do you stop to think about where the item you are buying is being made? Do you stop and email a corporation to ask to see the report for safety numbers prior to purchase? Do you stop to make certain that the workers that are making your wanted item is being paid a fair wage to work a safe warehouse or factory? There is no need to verbally answer the above questions as the fire in Bangladesh in 2012 shows the answer. Are you aware of the circumstances of this fire?  Do have any the number of dead working on your Dickie Jeans, Walmart Items, and Disney items as well?

To properly manage CSR what is management or those that make decisions to do?

Decision makers are for lack of better words the ethics committee for the CSR. the managers or higher ups responsibility is set to ensure that you had remembered.Some of the many advantages of social responsibility are items like smog controls in place, clean drinking water free from factory contaminants, and jobs that are giving proper mandated breaks. Benefits of corporate social responsibility can include things such as improvements to conditions that used to be like those in the different countries:

  • 125 labor inspectors for 75 million workers are available in Bangladesh.
  • Earning less than half as much you will find is the average wage for the Cambodian inspectors whose job is the safety means for the higher paid garment workers.
  • Uganda has 40 million workers but only 120 practitioners that are capable of carrying out environmental impact assessments for them all.
  • In Burma, regional governments get more than 6,000 complaints in but one area and have only had the ability to check into fewer than 300 of them.

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