HR Pain Relief - How to Overcome Stress to be Efficient?

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As a human being, we all face stress sometime in our lives, especially at work, where we need to communicate with other people, trying to survive the time management and performance appraisals. Clue of that is eliminating the problems, trying to manage the automatic approach to tasks, where we would have some free time for breaks, and not being a time theft for the company we are contracted to. No matter how many hours you are to be present at work, 6 or 8, overreaction to the time and attendance still is the thing for many HR managers. The moments of everyday filling out the forms for your presence is crucial for performance indicators. Imagine a situation where your company manages more than 20 employees and each of them is to be maintained to the forms to prevent absenteeism.

"What is on the mind of modern business owner? If optimization of the working performance is not a thing, then try to revise your own predictions"

Services are on demand for approaching the higher standards of business operation, where time costs real money. To be at the highest trade, the HR managers implement different strategies, but the crucial mistake is forgetting about the time spent on duties.

"Saving time and stress relief is core subject for any manager – resources, marketing, labor, etc."

Paperwork could be changed to other systems like biometric terminals or tracking systems. Despite theirs absolute working without any risks, you as a manager are losing trust of your team as the leader. Nowadays time and attendance software, such as Workly system, helps to invest in real and transparent employee control, where there would be no buddy punching and decreased absenteeism from your side and no discourage from the side of your employees. Looking at the statistics:

  •   63% of the business owners agree that their employee are time-theft for non-working activities. Late starts  and early finishes cost about a $1000 per year for one employee. Stress check number one.
  •   70% of the companies below 50 employees are without HR managers. Leaving all responsibilities for legal    filing forms of time and attendance tracking saves about 1 hour per day and significantly increases your  resilience, while you ensure the proper back-work of automatic systems.
  •  40% of business owners have an ineffective annual budget for operating management, facing stress to analyze   the mistakes for strategic approaches.
  •  Thus, it is high time to consider the urgent optimization techniques for HR pain relief and overall stress  management for organizational culture.
  •  The steps for stress relief of misconception of being an ineffective manager is the following:
  •  Have fewer distractions
  •  Established daily, weekly and monthly deadlines
  •  Strategically develop and evaluate performance by time

Low stress at work is provided by the effective team leading, while all the routine tasks are occupied by automatic systems. As a response to this statement the highlighted improvement of business operation performance, answering the following questions:

  1.    Spend more time on actual urgent tracks
  2.    Measure employee success on real results
  3.    Delegate tasks and better time improvement
  4.    Pay more attention to team management
  5.    Enhance overall team performance
"A more engaged workplace creation is a basis of a perfect organizational culture"

Increasing resilience skills helps to improve all key performance indicators, where you are timely operative. Task orientation starts with stress relief of the routine paperwork as you make real things with your HR duties. Try Workly instead of manually filling time and attendance forms. Decrease stress of losing money on absenteeism.  

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