How To Make Your Employees Happy

The Big Boss here is You! Like it or not, there are times in which you will have to wear those shoes. When the shoes are worn it is imperative that they be worn in a consistent manner. The role the Big Boss has when wearing the shoes can vary from one wearing to the next. There are two aspects of the shoes that will remain the same each and every time worn and those are the wearer must always show consistency within the work environment and the wearer has words of encouragement for employees.

Old School vs New School

Depending on the training you received while moving up the management chain the happiness level might be an easy concept or a hard one. Many of the old school staff feel that happiness levels are the individual's personal responsibility. Often you can even hear mocking like tones in this regard as they were never given such considerations in their day. More recent times has had to call for a change in this mentality. The day of the grumpy old men has come to an end. Customers today will not condone or deal with it as they would just a soon take their money elsewhere. Current situations are now aware that productive employees are happy employees. Employees that are happy also come to work more often, suffer less stress as well as less burnouts. Better leaders are created from the happy employees as these are those that are not afraid to try new things or take on new possibilities.

How to improve employee morale & productivity in the workplace

The happy employees are able to brush off failures as they have grown more resilient. These employees are also more creative. The happy staff knows how to be a good employee and makes the better team players. Happy employees are more likely to help each other out and less afraid of the big tasks that might be before them.

Importance of employee satisfaction

What should a company do to create and encourage this happiness? What steps should be taken to ensure that they continue in this new delightful direction? Here are some easy steps in which this happiness can be continued and enjoyed while increasing staff productivity.

Make each and every employee feel as if they belong. They are to be made to feel as if they have friends. Downplay minor errors so as not the end of the world.

Make work fun. Encourage an environment that is light and carefree. Make it a place where all cultures feel equally welcome.

Stop calculating every little thing. No need to keep score or think so hard all of the time. At this same time make a point to highlight the good things that are going on.

Notice and recognize as an employee is positively progressing. High five’s and encouragement go a long way just as say thing thank does as well.

Improve employee satisfaction to retain employees

Take the time for your crew. To learn and know who your employees really are.

Let the employees become disengaged every so often.

Encourage plenty of sleep and rest. The crew that gets plenty of each are the employees that are more focused, pay the most attention, are more creative, and have the best moods.

Let them work from home. If they are needing a few days of flexibility allow them to be virtual staff for a couple of shifts so they can help handle the homefront issues as well.

Encourage a relaxed work environment. Don’t stress things like feet propped on the desk or personal items brought in  from home. These are often the more creative of the crew.

A happy employee is a productive employee

Join the employees for lunch. Grab a coke and visit them in the breakroom.

Help the crew and staff feel of worth. Cross praise is one way in which to do this. If someone is not up to speed with the others help them to even out.

Keeping employees happy

Include live plants. Make sure the workspace has live greenery to bring a bit of the out in.

Add a skylight. If your office space allows it port some natural sunlight in via a skylight.

Make sure to have healthy food offerings. If using vending machines make sure there are fresh fruits included, apples and oranges hold well.

Have a staff appreciation day. This can be done in coordination with a casual dress day very easily.

Motivated mentions. Have words of motivation hung about the office.

Have a swag day. Have a day in which the staff is given random bits of swag for a variety of reasons. Swag are those weird little freebies that the vendors are forever dropping off at the office.

Do a surprise award day. Have a day in which different crew are awards for random acts of kindness. Special thanks for making the coffee, for adding paper to the copier, or additional; little things that they staff have helped with not part of their job duty.

Create a staff newsletter. Bragg spots in each for highlighting a job well done.

Start office theme days. This can just break the rate race up a bit and keep it on the lighter side.

Motivation wall. Create a motivation wall and allow each member to add items to the wall that they find encouraging. Place your own examples with theirs.

For all these purposes we recommend to use the Workly app to track the new dates, send messages to the entire staff, manage work processes and grow your business. Try it and you will love it.  

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