Oops!...You hear it again: How to create a strong organizational culture?

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  • Oops!...You hear it again: How to create a strong organizational culture?

You may ask: "Why organizational culture matters at all?" There are certain grounds to have a robust company culture, for one building a strong company culture helps to avoid huge fallacies and establish fair atmosphere for all. 

Organizational culture is a set of beliefs, values, norms, principles and customs, which determines how employees and managers interact with the company’s culture.  A recent study revealed that employee engagement and organizational culture are the top challenges.

There is no a perfect recipe for preparing a tasty organizational culture that would establish fair atmosphere in the workplace but these tips would definitely help you to get the best from having one.

Cultivate your company culture

First, think of the ways in which your company would grow. There are only two ways of creating an organizational culture: either with a clear consent and consideration to form it or let the matter of nature to do this so that different cultures could come together and create the atmosphere you want.  If the first method seems like working for you best start forming your company culture by gradually teaching your employees regardless of their time of joining the team. So teach them, define your company goals, measure their performance and reward them accordingly.

There is no perfect person for a specific job hence it’s important to start by hiring the right candidates for the job. When you hire the people who match the company’s core values, mission, vision and who is able to foster a sense of trust among employees.Company culture is designed to reduce work-related stress, aid the recruiting process of employees, onboard new employees and generate the pool of talents as well as to reduce company’s staff turnover.

Weave the good values and into your employees DNA so that culture could become more than just a shared vision.

Give a kicker to communication


Your organization culture plays a tremendous role in shaping the company’s mood and determines a direction to grow.

Adopting some messaging platforms can improve communication efficiency across the teams and help the newly comers to break the ice. Messaging platforms like Slack and HipChat lend an element of fun to traditional workplace communication tools help to stay informed about changes and proactively deal with them.

Regular communication among staff enhances the empowerment of workforce. The manager should also take a moment to give courage and confidence to employees- in order for them to be truly successful and feel valued.

Let there be top talents


Organizational culture helps you to attract the best hires. Not to mention millennials, today, the potential candidates are looking for more than just a good salary. Employees particularly motivated by working environments that have strong sense of purpose and career values. Regardless of the position’s characteristics the potential employees are not just looking or job, they’re looking for a job that with a unique community.  

Employee retention is right here

Employee retention starts with fostering collaboration among employees where one can share knowledge, expertise, and energy. Organize cross job rotations among your employees, let them step into each other’s shoes to diversify the routine work.

People tend to find interesting the new things, something that hasn't been stepped into yet. Hence, there’s a pretty good reason to start practicing job rotation across your company regardless of its industry of operation.  

Now that you know why organizational culture is important, it's time adopt one or enrich and modify the existing one. Companies can tap their competitive advantage when they focus on changing important competencies and harness the power of employees’ self-actualization.  

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