How to Start an Event Planning Business

Before beginning an event planning business one either would need to hire an event planner, event coordinator, or become trained in event planning. Once the training or hiring has begun then it is still recommended to stay up on trends. A great way in which to ensure an event planning business is going to be running effectively is with the person in charge having a lot of experience.

How to become a event planner

After some training has taken place a great way in which to gain experience is by volunteering to do the event planning services or being the event coordinator for a charity. Often times there are enough people that also volunteer that you not only will have plenty of help but others with ideas or prior experiences that can assist you.

How to be an event planner

Network , get names, and build up contacts. Think not only of those that might be potential clients but also of those that might be potential helpers. Virtually each of the companies, agencies, or people that you have ever done business with in the past can be considered a potential client if you stop and think about it.

Get Certified

Becoming certified as an event planner would be the next logical step. The International Special Events Society (ILEA) offers a Certified Special Events Planner credential, there might be others as well so take the time to research those possibilities as well. These certification classes are a great place in which one can learn a few tricks and establish your future credibility with clients.

Portfolios are Necessary

Almost each and every future clients is going to request to see a portfolio so make certain you are building yours as you go. There are exceptions to this, for example, gaining a new client at an event that you are currently planning but it always helps to be prepared in advance. Services you have provided in the past can be considered as an item for the portfolio.

The Event Planning Business

Preparing for an event calls for phone calls, emails, texts, sending inquiries, lining up items, and the planning of various aspects that will be needed. Then your role as an event planner will have the bulk of your work will be taking place at the location the event will take place on the day of the event. So what does this all mean in regards to work needs? This is where the real decisions start to come into play.

Planning and Gathering

It is safe to say that to start an event planning business there are some key items that one will be needing. What items exactly? Here is your first major event planning gig; you know the client in this case and situation extremely well. This client will not be paying but is to be the most important of them all. The client: you. The job: plan the planner.

Saving Some Money

To save a significant amount of money during the initial startup and first year minimum consider working out of your home. One of the greatest parts of the event planners market is that there is not an immediate need for a storefront or an outside office. This will allow you to spend your seed money, or start up monies, in other directions thus saving the new business thousands before ever taking the first job that is not for you personally.

Planning the Event Planning

The needs of an event planner will be items in which some of the above referenced saved seed money can be put to use in acquiring. A huge question that needs to be asked as you near the actual starting of paperwork for the business creation is do you have the essentials on hand. The following is a list of basic essentials one would need.

  • Cellphone
  • Computer
  • Rolodex of contacts
  • Office phone
  • Fax
  • Events scheduling software
  • File cabinet
  • Files

Type of Business

During the business entity creation steps one will need to determine the type of business in which is being created. A few of the options that you have to select between would be a corporation, an LLC, or a sole proprietorship. This might be a good time to contact an attorney for advice if you are unsure in which direction to proceed.

Starting an Event Planning Business

This is a good time in which to start an event planning business business entity. Each state is different as to the ways and steps required so be certain that you have researched this thoroughly. Contacting your local or neighborhood Small business association as they often have avenues in which they can assist.

Spread the Word

Break out the contacts that you have been gathering and spread the word that there is a new event planner in town. Have your friends and former co-workers tell others. Some of the best customers and best advertising is from friends and acquaintances.

Advertise on Social Media

Tweets are free. Facebook posts are free. Instagram images are free. There are many other avenues as well. Social media is the key to business start ups as of the past few years and is continuing to go strong.

Service Company Scheduling Software

Workly is the perfect option in regards to scheduling software. This can even double as a time clock for the people hired to help on the future events, thus giving you a variety of option in which to pay those needed for the various functions to be determined. There are so many other great things that Workly can do for you that you simply must check it out.

Have Fun

Half the reason most of us want to work for ourselves is for the leisure aspect, so as the days go and things begin to get a bit hectic don’t forget to schedule yourself a bit of time for fun as well. At least one day a week must be set aside in which you just think and do anything except working, this is a must in which to not become burned out.

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