The Magical Formula for a Happy Working Day

Productivity tends to be an ultimate goal for all employees when it comes to improving the professional daily routine. Take a look at these tactics that can be implemented right now to make a happy working day.

Eat that frog!

First thing first so, do the worst thing first. Eating the frog means just to do it otherwise the frog will eat you, which means you’ll end up procrastinating it for the whole day.  

“If it’s your job to eat a frog then best to do it first in the morning. And if it’s your job to eat two frogs, it’s best to eat the bigger one first.” Mark Twain  

Stop procrastinating, focus on happy working just pick one frog and eat it without thinking too much about it. Exclude any jerky actions this will help you to discipline yourself on working on specific task until it’s accomplished. Once you are done with your biggest frog you get both the momentum and sense of accomplishment. This certainly will help you to optimize the whole working day, just as in the saying: work done have you fun!

Set up a time snooze

Ever emerging research suggests that weaving in breaks into your daily work routine is vital to productivity. Here’s how it works: you work for 50 minutes and then take 18 minute break, but don't forget to prioritize your tasks and plan accordingly in order to minimize time loss in transitions from one task to another. Use your mobile device for it’s purpose let it help you to break your time into lumps and get them done. You may try simply setting up an ordinary alarm clock between your working hours and stick to your breaks.  

Digitize your work life

The Internet age distractions are probably the number one enemy of productivity of all times. The only thing you could to fight back is to destroy your enemy with its weapon. Use computerized tools that will help you to concentrate your effort on the things that really matter rather than focusing on paper routine which should be automated. So have you ever found yourself waking up and thinking that on that very day you need to accomplish twice as much as you used to in half the time? Then try to embed a computerized work order manager that will both save you time and enhances the quality of your work. Among bunch of software that exist today look through Evernote a universal tool to help you capture your ideas, store and share hem;  assistant that helps to manage your tasks and get them done; Hipchat an online team collaboration platform. Get used to utilize these automated assistants to make your work more productive as easier your work as happier you are 

Get a revulsive kick

Apart from having a power snooze or quick naps it’s important to feed your concentration with something absolutely different than what you usually do at work. Watch a five minute puppy video, stretch your muscles, take a walk or just have a casual conversation with someone you rarely talk to. These techniques are 100% percent pure mood boosters, which in turn will have positive effect on your overall productivity.

Indulge yourself

"Well done, Carry on!" How many times you happen to receive such praises? Right, not that far often. Need a little extra motivation for a certain milestone you’re about to reach? Reward yourself with a tasty treat or take a relaxation session in the nearest spa salon. Here’s how it works in real: Think: “Once I finish this chunk of the project I’m going to buy myself a cheesecake with delicious mocha” It will give you a motivation to look forward and boost your mood.

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