Top 10 Employee Engagement Activities

You need to understand that engagement of your employees is all about building a positive mindset in your staffs, is the only way through which employee engagement strategies, will give any positive result. You must always start with the question “Why” of the engagement activities, then you have to consider the real people within the team, their challenges, expectations and achievements, alongside the challenges within the workplace.

What is the importance of an employee engagement plan?

Employee engagement activities are important because it remains one of the biggest opportunities to gain the loyalty and long-term willingness to work of your staffs or co-workers. When you eventually gain the discretionary efforts from your staff, you will witness a significant rise in sales and much less mistakes will be committed. Your staffs should be seen as formidable resources that need to be raised and understood to deliver their expectations.

Top 10 employee engagement activities to consider

So, here are the top employee engagement ideas you must not neglect:

  • Always comprise employees in the planning of your business processes.
  • Put in place a knowledge sharing system for your employees.
  • Give your employees new learning opportunities.
  • Build an excitement on future opportunities.
  • Provide them with the opportunity to create their own on-boarding experience.
  • Create a culture of recognition.
  • Give them the culture of flexibility and make them accountable.
  • Appreciate the risk takers, encourage the failures, and reward the innovators.
  • Encourage them to take ownership of the job.
  • Always live up to what you stand for.

Always comprise employees in the planning of your business processes

Incorporating your employees into your business planning processes is one of the surest and best possible staff engagement ideas, you must consider. On quarterly basis or every six months you feature the valuable issues in your company alongside the actions taken to fix such issues. Make sure your team is involved in planning in advance and accessing the upcoming opportunities that will strengthen your business strategies. When you promote transparency and give them insight into the management of the organization, you will build their loyalty and prepare them for leadership positions.

Put in place a knowledge sharing system

The loss of important information is one of the biggest costs of doing business, but the use of a knowledge sharing system can reduce or eliminate such costs. This system can also drive engagement between older staffs and new ones. You can create motivational activities for employees by starting a mentorship program whereby you pair experienced workers with the newly hired and inexperience ones. This program should involve the use of a learning template that such employees can follow, and they will be able to test their own unique learning methods. Positive relationships between employees will unfold with time, through the use of this method.

Encourage and provide them with new learning opportunities

If possible, you should consider creating a resource where staffs can access new knowledge database and development tips. Always keep in mind that lack of new learning prospects is one of the reasons many employees quit organizations. When you access the needs and habits of your staff, you will be able to create a curriculum and set up learning classes for few hours a week and you can make such classes engaging and rewarding.

Give them the opportunity to create their own on-boarding experience

Creating a self-guarded on-boarding experience for your employees is another way of developing engaging company activities for employees. People will likely remember more those information they discover on their own, and you can use this to set the basic rules and give them standard instructions alongside the basic objectives and time frames to accomplish different tasks. Onboarding process will not only help them generate workplace ideas, it initiates dialogue and brings out value from their contributions. You may even introduce social contents like games on the boards.

Build an excitement on upcoming opportunities

Communicating upcoming opportunities on regular basis such as trainings on upcoming integration of scheduling software, can help increase engagement among employees, and between employees and owners or management of the organization. This communication can be achieved through internal newsletters, general update meeting, and face to face explanation.

Creating a culture of recognition

You need to create a culture where employees are recognized for their hard work. Real time feedbacks can be a source of motivation for employees, especially when they are appreciated for their contribution to the growth and survival of the organization. Try as much as possible to appreciate employees who uphold the culture and values of the organization.

Provide them with the culture of flexibility and make them accountable

It has been observed that employees become more flexible and productive when they engage in flexible ways to achieve results.  When an employee knows that the organization is flexible with him, he stays committed and engages to his duties. You may incorporate time tracking or time management software into such flexibility and the purpose is to give deadlines for task accomplishments. A time tracker for instance can help in the following ways;

  • Create workload schedules.
  • Create shift plans and task list.
  • Create automated checks, and share features such as Google, Email and Outlook.
  • Allow work schedules to be access on multiple devices.

Appreciate the risk takers, encourage the failures, and reward the innovators

Appreciating risk takers and encouraging innovators can be some of the employee engagement exercises engaged by companies who want to drive growth and development in their organizations.

Encourage them to take ownership of the job

Getting your employees to take ownership of the tasks they perform is one of the most effective employee engagement exercises that you must encourage in order to make them more responsible for their actions.

Always live up to what you stand for

Your company policies and beliefs must be upheld at all times. Employee generation ideas can be tuned into your company policies so they can remember them at all times. Here are the top 10 tactics for the increasing of employees’ engagement. If you want to get a really profitable solution that will help you to deal with issues connected to the time management at your business we advise you to use Workly app which is the best solution at the market today.

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