Top 6 Recruitment Software that You are Likely to Apply in 2017

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Recruitment software allows you to manage the candidate recruitment process in different ways – from job posting to analysis while screening the candidates’ portfolio.

The referral to onboarding process of selection starts with implementation of HR software designed and created to make HR more powerful and automatized than standard approach, thus integrating seamlessly with other performance indicators of staff members like talent and compensation management.

The functions as requisitioning, candidate acquisition, applicant tracking and reporting help HR manager to select most efficient candidates for right positions according to the job application details and demands of the company itself namely, screening through photo/background information or other typical talent phrases to decrease applications amount. Where to start the qualification, control is on your demand as a workforce manager.

Here is the award-winning software you should definitely give a try:

  1.    KRONOS The enterprise model of this software is a perfect choice for huge companies with 80-1000 employees. This cloud-based solution incorporates recruiting, onboarding and performance management.
  2.    Workable  The most intuitive platform that allows you to replace standard applications collection, e-mail and spreadsheets management while recruiting with appropriate base of specialists for job description advertising.
  3.    Jobvite This talent acquisition software provides the talent management through company’s demand and standards with qualifications through tracking onboarding platform, experience management and social platforms.
  4.    BambooHR You’ll forget about all the mundane HR routine with this very software with an option of  ATS applicant tracking. BambooHR will help you to centralize the employee data, generate accurate reports and most importantly, releases from all the paperwork you which can be automated but for some reasons is not yet.
  5.   JazzHR gives you a full pack of recruiting tools to carry out the tasks from job posting to reporting and compliance.The features of JazzHR are pretty impressive as it positions itself as a benchmarking software to recruiting efforts.
  6.   Clear company provides you with hands on experience in HR processes before and after hiring a candidate for job. As a core feature of this software the Talent Operating System lets you to leverage the team knowledge to hire, onboard and retain your employees.  

So it’s a high time to try one of these solutions to backup your valuable time. Select the one that perfectly matches your company needs to enhance the recruitment process. Save time, make HR do real things! Not even Workly can help you with HR management, but also the above presented software.

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