Company case MAQOM BAR

Maqom bar was founded in 2021 and has about 35 employees. 


We faced the following tasks:

    •  Employee discipline control
    •  Keeping attendance records

Project description

"I recommend the Workly system because it helps executives, managers and HR professionals see transparent information about our employees and their time tracking."

Irina Kim

HR specialist

Фактический учет

Actual accounting

Thanks to the Workly system, the company can track the comings and goings of employees for any past period without digging into paper archives.


Timekeeping accounting and attendance monitoring

The system also allows you to systematize all the data of bar employees in one convenient interface, which greatly simplifies the work of several specialists of the company at once.

Автоматическое табелирование


With the help of the Workly system, Maqom Bar simplified attendance records and increased the motivation of its employees.