Company case MaxWay

MaxWay Project Brief

Max Way fast food chain was founded in 2005. Currently the company has 11 branches in Tashkent.
The company is constantly working to improve customer service   

Workly had the following tasks:

  •  Strengthen employees' discipline
  •  Streamline work processes
  •  Automate payroll calculation

Project description

  • Client


  • Launch


  • Were

    200 employees

  • Today

    400 employees

  • Location


  • Website

Actual accounting

Actual accounting

The Max Way branches have implemented timekeeping so that managers have data on the arrival and departure times of their employees.


Automatic timesheets

Data on actual hours worked by staff were automatically transferred to payroll timesheets. This significantly streamlines the process and increases the workload of the responsible staff less than 2 times the number of employees.

Automatic timesheets


The result of implementing the Workly system in the Max Way fast food chain was an improvement in employee discipline and motivation. Max Way is working on increasing the number of branches and Workly is used to simplify and streamline the process of managing employee work time.