Company case Oqtepa Lavash

Oqtepa Lavash Project Brief

Oqtepa Lavash is one of the largest fast food chains in Uzbekistan. It is on the market since 2010. 
As of the date of cooperation with Workly, Oqtepa Lavash had 400 employees. 
We faced the following tasks:

  •  To enhance employees' discipline.
  •  To optimize work processes.
  •  To automate payroll accounting

Project description

  • Client

    Oqtepa Lavash

  • Launch


  • Were

    400 employees

  • Today

    1400 employees

  • Location


  • Website

"There is a big advantage in Workly, it is the Archive of employees. It doesn't matter if a year or two has passed, we can easily look at information related to an employee, down to documents and passport data."

Yelena Stupak

HR specialist

Actual accounting

Actual accounting

The Workly team has implemented actual accounting of staff clock-in/clock-out times so that managers can see a detailed report of each employee's attendance.


Automatic timekeeping accounting and attendance monitoring

Data on the actual hours worked by each employee is automatically formed into wage bills by the day required.

Automatic timekeeping accounting and attendance monitoring


The implementation of the Workly system in the fast food chain Oqtepa Lavash has enhanced the discipline and motivation of employees. Labor costs for personnel management decreased. It allowed Oqtepa Lavash to increase the number of employees to 1,400 while maintaining the quality of work.