Case company Safia


Safia Project Brief


The Safia confectionery chain opened its first branded store in 2005. Safia has now grown to 40 branches and more than 1,900 employees. As Safia grew, it switched from production in mini-workshops at branches to centralized production in a factory with 600 employees. 


Workly faced the following challenges:

  •  Strengthen employee discipline
  •  Optimize work processes
  •  Automate payroll

Project description

Actual Accounting

Actual Accounting

The Workly team has implemented actual accounting of staff arrival and departure times in the factory and branches so that managers can see a detailed report of each employee's attendance.



Automatic timesheets 

Each employee's actual hours worked are automatically generated into payroll timesheets by the desired day.


Automatic timesheets 


The implementation of Workly in the Safia chain of pastry shops provided managers with the right data and functionality to effectively manage employees during the company's growth.