Work Schedule Planning

How often does your business suffer from not being able to plan optimally your work schedule?

Workly makes sure the right employee is in the right place at the right time.

  • Prepare a work schedule for each employee in a few clicks
  • Check whether the employee has worked his or her assigned shifts
  • The work schedule can take into account individual data on breaks, vacations, days off, sick leave, overtime.
  • Analyze each employee's performance, adjust work schedules, and exclude employee downtime to make your business even more efficient
Work Schedule Planning - 1 | Workly

Plan your work schedule in accordance with your business processes

Work schedule preparation

Fixed schedule, free schedule, days off, vacation, sick leave, business trips, etc.

Flexible schedule settings

Group and individual schedules for any time period (1 day or month).

Employee Notifications

Staff can check their schedule for the current day or selected time period.

Work Schedule Planning - 2 | Workly

How product "Work Schedule +" from Workly helps you plan your work schedule in a few clicks

Plan your workforce quickly and easily, regardless of size, number of branches or area of work. There are ready-made templates for rapid tune-up.

  • Register all employees in Workly (mark their positions, subdivisions)
  • Prepare a work schedule for each employee manually or semiautomatically (templates are available for rapid tune-up).
  • Take into account breaks, days off, vacations and sick leave.
  • Manage work rate (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly).
  • Receive requests of employees for days off in real time and approve or deny such requests through the app

Workly products that supplement the "Work Schedule+" Module

Recording of Working Time

Actual working time recording module automatically monitors how each employee follows the assigned individual schedule.

Timekeeping Accounting and Attendance Monitoring

Automate payroll accounting based on the actual hours worked and assigned payment rates

API Integration

Synchronize Workly with your ERP system (SAP, 1C) for data exchange.

Benefits of Work Schedule Planning with Workly

The system helps HR department and managers easily and conveniently prepare work schedules and reduce the likelihood of errors.

  • Equal distribution of work resources according to the organization's overall workload.
  • Accurate work scheduling and shift assignment error notifications.
  • Notification of unmet workforce requirements.
  • Exclusion of overtime through warnings, thresholds and restrictions.
  • Selection of shifts based on the desired qualifications and employee availability
Work Schedule Planning - 3 | Workly
Work Schedule Planning - 4 | Workly

Optimal Work Schedule = Efficient and Profitable Business

Save time in people management. Divert released resources to strategic areas.

  • Save time in work schedule preparation
  • Eliminate human factor and scheduling mistakes
  • Minimize staff downtime, stay aware of each individual employee's availability
  • Strengthen staff discipline and performance