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1 - 20 employees

for small businesses and startups

$0 /Free

Time & Attendance included
Payroll for an additional cost $29 MONTH

21 - 50 employees

for small-scale businesses

$49 /Month

Time & Attendance included
Payroll included

51 - 100 employees

for medium-sized businesses

$99 /Month

Time & Attendance included
Payroll included

101 - 200 employees

for large businesses

$199 /Month

Time & Attendance included
Payroll included

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Functions and Features of Workly

Time and Attendance

Monitoring employee attendance

Flexible management of holidays, weekends, and birthdays of employees

Telegram bot to monitor attendance

Leave requests, approvals management (vacation, sick leave, etc.)

Management of employee accounts

Sending and checking geodata

Automatic scheduling

Division by roles and access rights

Remote device management

Accounting for the night and overtime hours

Biometric recognition by Face ID or fingerprints

Logging user activity

Effective support team

State-of-the-art mobile applications

Advanced reports

Photo audit of the clock in/outs

Smart dashboard


Automatic payroll calculation

Automatic accrual of fines for non-worked hours

Overtime and underperformance management

Management of deductions and surcharges

Payroll according to the actual time worked

Working time calendars

Flexible payroll reports

Timesheet generation

Additional functions of Workly

These modules are a great supplement to the core functions

Popular function
Face Recognition

*the price depends on the chosen plan

API integration

*the price depends on the chosen plan

Coming soon

Automate all stages of recruitment