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Workly Talks, the first business conference, offers HR professionals creativity and inspiration.

Workly organized its first business conference, Workly Talks, on May 15 intending to advance the digitalization of the HR industry and foster conversation among HR experts.

The Workly Talks event draws inspiration from the philosophy of the renowned TED conference, which aims to disseminate ideas and foster a profound understanding of the world through the success stories of its speakers. Workly has embraced the TED ideology within the Uzbekistan business landscape by establishing the distinctive Workly Talks platform, facilitating the exchange of cutting-edge ideas and innovative practices across various business domains.

The main goal of the Workly Talks event is to discuss the use of particular practices to maximize success for the business and the team as a whole.

The first conference focused on HR and had the theme "Digital Transformation Strategies: Unlocking HR Potential."

The event featured guest speakers from around the globe who shared insights and expertise on fostering robust team dynamics and integrating cutting-edge HR strategies. Notable participants included:

HRD Expert, Alexander Podoynitsyn. The Russian DNS company has employed him for many years. "Managing change and organizational structure" was the subject of his speech. The report discussed effective personnel management strategies and how businesses adjust to change.

Andrey Basov, Sanoat Qurilish Bank's Head of HR Transformation. With a wealth of experience working for organizations like Orient Group, Rostelecom, Accenture, and ECOPSY, Andrey spoke about digitalizing HR procedures. He provided insightful advice on how to apply digital solutions in the HR sector.

Speaking on HR, Kamilya Bektimirova was previously HRD at UzAuto Motors. Theme: "Creating an effective corporate culture." The importance of developing a company culture that fosters creativity and teamwork was stressed in the report.

Elena Stupak gave a compelling example of the Oqtepa Lavash company's use of the Workly system to automate HR procedures. The Oqtepa Lavash case demonstrated how technology can dramatically enhance employee management and lower administrative expenses in a business.

Dynamic discussions and active participation

Participants participated in interactive question-and-answer sessions with speakers, covering a wide range of topics. This allowed for the development of a real-time, in-depth experience exchange environment.

Since the conference was focused on HR, participants included managers, HRD, business owners, and other representatives of HR structures.

Future plans

Workly intends to host recurring conferences, offering a forum for specialists across diverse business sectors to share insights and experiences. The upcoming conference dates are on the company's official website or social media channels.

Workly is preparing to host frequent conferences to provide a forum for experts from various business domains to share knowledge and perspectives. Visit the company's official website or follow it on social media to stay informed about the dates of the next business conferences.

About Workly

Workly serves as an automated staff time tracking system.

By automating human resource management tasks, the Workly solution helps reduce labor costs and time consumption. Workly comes up with ways to improve overall business efficiency by simplifying the tasks that HR professionals have to perform.

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