Where the data is stored?

All data generated in Workly system is stored on Amazon's server and protected by SSL certificate.
The diagram below shows the principle of operation of different devices with the server. 
This diagram displays the principle of operation of devices with the Workly's server. For example, you install devices on certain doors or turnstiles.
Doors are divided by locations in the system.Each device is set for a specific locations which in turn assigned, to specific doors.
And only those employees who are assigned to these locations will have access to clock in/out.


Access control devices can be connected via a Lan cable or via wifi if they support it. These devices can be marked with a pin code + password, RFID cards, and using fingerprints.
In the TimePad app, you can also be logged with a pin code and password, and using the QR code. The employees' punch in or out time, and the photo mark is sent to the Workly server. It is possible to connect the facial recognition service from Amazon.