Why Workly ideal tool for effective management of a small business?

  • Workly is a simple and ideal application for more efficient management of small business and the analysis of your weekly activities. Besides the fact that it is convenient to use as well, Workly will save money when buying and setting a biometric device. 

  • In Workly, you can indicate any type of work schedule, lunch time, the beginning and end of the shift, and make changes at any time. Flexible capabilities will allow you to automate work schedules of any complexity and shift.
    Workly saves you money and time. The cost of paperwork of the HR department and the janitor will be reduced to zero due to the automation of processes. The payroll of each employee is kept according to the hours actually worked. In the reports, you can also see how many hours a year the staff does not complete and find out how much money can be saved due to these shortcomings.