Workly is an easy cloud-based
solution for any business

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for your workforce performance

Workly operates simply. Be timely with it

HR in your company should be a real thing with enhanced team building and motivation tracking. Follow our clear guideline and proof that Workly deals with paperwork routine of time and attendance.

Workly Time and Attendance system
is easily implemented in your company in three steps.

We know that any new system demands instructions on how it works for your business. Learn out easy methodology on implementation to run Workly without a hitch.

Get the system online

Workly Timepad is absolutely free and accessible for any device in Google Play and Appstore. Download app on your tablet and put it at the  doors of the office for your employees’ face-check

Inform and configure your workforce

– In order to enhance the influence of Workly system on your company, you need to inform your employees that you are starting a new HR era –  era of transparent and automatic time and attendance control.

– Our customer-oriented approach made clocking in and out easy and convenient for any employee. You can observe who is absent or late anytime from anywhere, get the reports done in seconds and see the discipline rating.

Try your 14-days free trial

– Learn more about onboarding online application and its functions.  We know that HR is a stable ongoing process, thus we offer you  14-days free trial. Get it, try it and give us your feedback. We need to fit your business properly for long lasting relationship.

– Our clients observe significant increase in KPI of the employees with fair time and attendance system. Rank your top and provide them bonuses for more increase!

Start your workforce
development with us!

Get your Workly Timepad for free

Learn more in details through the most
frequently asked questions:

  • Get started with Worky TimePad. Go to the direct download links available for both iOS and Android apps to download it. After you have successfully downloaded TimePad app sign in using your existing account to the system.
  • Fine tune your TimePad settings. On the top right corner  you may see the ‘lock’ icon which consists of essential settings.

During the 14-days of free trial period, you can use Workly system without any restrictions with all the features embedded. Unlike other scheduling software, Workly allows you to have an unlimited access to all features of the system so that it would be possible for you to explore it fully.

Workly is a simple and perfect application for more efficient management of your business operations and the analysis of your weekly activities. Workly saves you money and time, no need to buy expensive installations and being chained to your desk. Give the kicker and let Workly do the rest for you.

Yes, there are  free applications for both iOS and Android devices. Workly app gives managers full access to the application’s key features allowing them to save time while scheduling on the go! Download the app for iOS here and Get your app for Android here

Yes, the administrator may accept or deny the requests about leave. It can be entered both manually and automatically in the timesheet and observed in monthly report.

To launch into Workly, it is very important to add the following information:

  1. Location of the company (e.g. Head Office)
  2. Department of the company (e.g. Finance)
  3. Position (e.g. Accountant)
  4. Work schedule of the company
  5. Employee data

Company may have several locations, Workly system can streamline employee attendance and consolidate reporting.  You can use one single tablet for any attached locations of your company. To find out more click on the following link

Workly helps you to calculate employees’ hourly wage, the generated data on employee then transferred to your payroll system. All the information collected on employee attendance can be addressed through reports tab within the system’s main menu.