Company case Korzinka Project Brief - the largest retail network in Uzbekistan. It is on the market since 1996. 
As of the date of implementing the Workly system, Korzinka retailer had five branches and 600 employees. 
The Workly had faced the following tasks:

  •  To enhance employee discipline
  •  To optimize work processes
  •  To set up data exchange with 1C service on the client side
  •  To automate payroll accounting

Project description

  • Client


  • Launch


  • Were

    5 locations, (600 persons)

  • Today

    102 locations (7000 persons)

  • Location


  • Website

“The supermarkets work with each other through a single system and reporting. It is possible to determine whether an employee has worked according to standard working hours, underworked or overworked in one or another branch.”

Zarina Salohutdinova

Manager of the HR Department

Actual accounting

Actual accounting

A tablet with the Workly Timepad application was installed in each Korzinka branch and office so that all employees could record the exact time of their arrival and departure. Reports on each employee were available at any time.


Automatic timekeeping accounting and attendance monitoring

Data on actual hours worked were automatically transferred to payroll timesheets.

Automatic timekeeping accounting and attendance monitoring
Synchronization with 1C

Synchronization with 1C

Workly and 1C synchronization. Setting up data exchange directly between the two systems. All data are duplicated automatically



The outcomes of implementing the Workly system in the Korzinka retail chain was an improvement in employee discipline and motivation. We managed to reduce the time and financial costs of controlling the work of personnel and to optimize the salary fund (budget).