Company case Mediapark

MEDIAPARK Project Brief

MEDIAPARK is a network of retailers of home appliances and electronics in Uzbekistan. Today the network has 19 stores across the Republic of Uzbekistan.


Workly had the following tasks:

  •  Strengthen employees' discipline
  •  Streamline work processes
  •  Automate payroll calculation

Project description

Actual accounting

Actual accounting

Mediapark branches and offices installed tablets with the Workly Timepad app so that all employees could note the exact time of arrival and departure. Managers could see reports for each employee at any point in time.


Automatic timesheets

Workly automatically transferred staff actual hours worked to payroll timesheets.

Automatic timesheets


The result of the Workly system implementation in the MEDIAPARK retail chain was an improvement in employee discipline and motivation. It was possible to reduce the time and financial costs of controlling the work of the personnel and to optimize the payroll.