Company case Prof Med Service

Prof Med Service project brief

Prof Med Service is a modern multidisciplinary medical center with branches in 5 cities of Uzbekistan (Tashkent, Bukhara, Karshi, Andijan and Kurgan). Do bussiness since 2017. 
As of the date of integration with Workly (2021), number of doctors and medical specialists exceeded 50 people. The main priority of the clinic is client comfort. And this requires sensitivity and coordinated work of the staff and doctors. 
The Workly team faced the following tasks:

  •  To automate accounting of staff clock-in/clock-out times
  •  To enhance discipline of the staff
  •  To automate payroll accounting.

Project description

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    Prof Med Service

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Actual accounting

Actual accounting

The Workly team has implemented an accounting of the staff clock-in/clock-out times in all clinic branches. Now all data on late arrival and absence goes into the system. Managers can view reports on each employee's performance.


Payroll automation

The Workly system automatically generates payroll sheets based on actual hours worked. This eliminates the need for the human resources department to analyze each employee's performance and calculate payroll manually.

Payroll automation


With the implementation of Workly system, Prof med service medical centers provide guests and patients with a high level of care.