Retail management

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Revenue directly depends on the effective management of a retailer's workforce

The average check, the frequency of purchases and loyalty are determined by the quality of service. Therefore, in retail sales it is important to avoid the following situations:

  • An absence or insufficient number of employees in the shift to help buyers understand products or check them out efficiently.
  • The long process of approving work shifts, days off, sick leave and vacations of employees and, as a consequence, lack of an optimal work shift for different days of the week and month.
  • Systematic late arrivals and early terminations of service staff that reduce the overall quality of service.

Improve the efficiency of retail staff time management

Workly’s functionality solves current tasks of HR management tasks in off-trade.

  • Manage working time of all categories (internal staff, outsourced staff, merchandisers).
  • Real-time control of staff going to shifts.
  • Assignment of work schedule according to the store load.
  • Optimization of Salary Fund (budget) achieved by remuneration of labor based on the actual hours worked.
  • Increase in turnover achieved by optimizing staff-related retail processes.
Retail management - 2 | Workly

Solutions for retail HR management

Actual accounting

The system records the exact staff clock-in and clock-out times.

Work schedule planning

Allocate employees and prepare a work schedule for the required period of time.

Timekeeping accounting and attendance monitoring

Workly automatically generates wage bills based on attendance data (clock-in and clock-out)