Agile Performance Appraisal

Managing projects is a hard task that demands very progressive approach with Agile methodology nowadays. Still, companies are only at the beginning stage of understanding of what Agile methods are, where Scrum is challenging to apply. Nevertheless, Agile importance starts with performance appraisal, based on trending methods.

Agile and scrum ensure visual presentation of task completion, thus making performance appraisal more detailed and palpably.

Collective ownership and individual needs demand Agile approach to be ready for market changes according to value-driven customer development analysis. QA approach defines collaboration and communication of product owner with community. Team builds products, relationship and value. If you agree with these statements, let us look closer to Agile performance appraisal 😉

Scrum methods of Agile require individual approach and close collaboration of HR, project manager and product owner. HR is responsible for environment inside the company, project provides task management and detail delivers, product owner sets aims and goals at planning stage. Scrum supports doctrine where flat organizational structure is encouraged by leadership and visualization of task completion.

A team using Scrum methods of Agile task management provides flexible product development, always ready to change direction of tasks and ensure humanistic value of the product. All you need to do before create appraisal process is to answer to the following questions:

  • How can you measure the success of one particular task? Who is responsible for successful completion? A team or one individual?
  • How can you quantify, qualify and control the contribution and help of others for one individual in the team?
  • How do you inspire team members to provide hints and help to each other while task completion?
  • How can you measure individual velocity?

After this, for small companies there is one general plan with steps on how you develop your Agile performance appraisal. You have visual task completion, you have inspired people, you have progressive project manager, team lead and product owner. To analyze their contribution follow this guideline:

  1. Use velocity to measure individual performance. This will help you to see how much time each employee spends on one task by daily, weekly or monthly record. You pay your employees individually, not for the whole team.
  2. Produce a task matrix for every individual. You need to tack the percentage of contribution of one person to one task. Task matrix will help you to qualify and control help of others to one employee in task completion.
  3. Rate teams instead of individuals. Success of the project still belongs to the team itself, which is working on one particular task. Comparing between teams becomes easier, which will encourage people to work collectively and inspire them to help each other.
  4. Apply Agile methods to task management. All you need is to determine individual goals, create appraisal records weekly, provide tracking details to product owner and mentor and increase individual velocity by trainings, where visualization and encourage are the most important aspects to consider.

Performance appraisal is cross-functional approach for Agile projects, where you need to manage skills, numbers and resources. Knowing your people defines individual approach, where you meet financial demands of stakeholders, customer preferences and project management 😎

Performance goals are planned individually and for teams, where you need to feel and forecast potential risks and output. All you need to do before is to leave some routine for automatic solutions, which will work along you make your team enhanced. Install Workly to make time and attendance purposes more Agile and progressive.

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