Best Employee Perks You Need To Have

You have done your research and homework. You have compared your offerings with other small business benefit programs and you are secure in the results and where you presently rank. The questions to follow are often ones that plague business owners and many members of various upper management locations.

Best Employee Benefits

At first glance you may not find a correlation between them as you currently offer the best benefits in your company field but before we wrap you this piece not only will that no longer be the case you will hopefully gain the insight necessary to prevent those questions you are about to read from resurfacing.

  • Are you reevaluating the company?
  • Taking a look at areas in which employee feedback has you falling short?
  • Starting a brand new business?
  • Beginning a human resource department?
  • Wondering why the great employees are not applying when you have a job opening?
  • Employee turnover percentages higher than you feel that you should equate?
  • Locations not succeeding in the manner as they have in the past?

The Most Desired Employee Benefits: Great Perks For Employees

Many if not all of the above questions can be answered by reviewing the status of your company perks and the items you are offering in comparison to other for small business groups. It is within this area that one can make or break candidate selection choices for it is a proven fact that the better the offerings the better the candidates to apply for those openings. Some of the perks that gain the most attention include the following.

  • Health Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Optometry Insurance
  • Paid Holiday Non Work Days
  • Company Matched Savings Programs
  • Stock Purchase Options
  • Paid Vacations
  • Retirement Plans
  • Paid Sick Days
  • Paid Personal Days
  • 401 K Options
  • Percentage Based Cash Incentives

The Best Employee Perks

Employee perk programs are not all costly. Some of the most sought after benefits are free employee perks that will not cost the company even a dime but your team will enjoy them the most. The following list are some of these highly requested yet free employee perks that can be offered. You can find similar such perks in the section to follow as well.

  • Flex Days - Paid days off for non illness needs. These could be used for things such as school enrollment for children, renewing car or vehicle tags, meetings with banks, or any other time based need that requires handling on the normally scheduled work shift.
  • Uber Car Free Ride Codes - Most companies in larger cities have company or corporate accounts set up so being able to offer this free ride service is easily done with just a few online mouse clicks.
  • Lyft Car Free Ride Codes - Just as with Uber above many companies have begun accounts to aid clients and many other people so being able to offer as an employee perk requires minimal attention or detail to be handled.
  • Ability To Earn Half Day Friday Schedules - So many of everyday life needs must be done during the stereotypical 9 to 5 work day that people have a hard time accomplishing them making this optional perk highly revered.
  • Allowing Home Office Work When Necessary - Of course this is not an option in all jobs but for those in which it can be utilized it is a highly rewardable perk to be able to mention. This can help the employee who has a sick child, a parent who broke a hip, or even those employees that recently had an outpatient procedure done. There are online programs and software options to aide in this area that will be highlighted later in this piece to make it an easy to offer option.

Employee Perks Ideas

These ideas can be staff perks, office perks, or company perks. The best part of offering employee perks is that the company can define set criteria in which must be met in order to obtain these perks. This criteria can be anything from perfect attendance, percentage of sales increases, increased customer feedback at the time of sale, exceeding five years with the company, and so many other similar suggestible items. Businesses can really get creative with these criteria listings. Some suggestions for perk ideas were found above and here we have yet more ideas that employees spoken with at various companies either currently have available or wish they had access to using.

  • Paid Maternity Leave -  This has been a hot topic all over the various media means for sometime now as it is required time of due to medical reasons that is unavoidable to those that are to have a child.
  • Uber / Lyft Car Ride Codes - These can be especially sought after depending upon where the office or location the staff works is located. For example, if the business is located in snow country this can save the employee time, stress, and potential missed worked shifts.
  • Pet Insurance Discounts - This is another area that is highly spoken of in the media circuits as of late that many people are getting, inquiring about, or wishing they could afford. Often the insurance company being used for other benefits can add this with little or very low cost options.
  • Reimbursement for College Classes - Beneficial to the company based classes, of course, for the job the staff currently holds, needed for advancement, or an area in which the company is lacking.
  • Advancement Training Classes Available In House - There are many times a training class is needed for a company’s employees to become certified for compliance to be met. For example, food industries often have state mandated food handling cards that must be held, to be able to offer them in house saves a lot of added stress and aggravation to the staff members in regards to schedules, childcare requirements, and transportation needs to name a few.
  • 401 K Funds Matching - With the higher cost of living percentages and day to day increases in living expenses many working people have no backup plan or fund of any kind to fall or lean upon if something major was to happen making this another of those areas potential employees can be found.

Scheduling Additional Perk Options

A great way to help office programs out is by utilizing small business scheduling software as it can be of such a huge help. For the best of the available options we suggest checking into the time and attendance software available online from Workly. Plus as an added bonus you can use your tablet as the new state of the art powerful time clock. Now you can offer incentive perks as part of your employee perks options with the click of a button or two.  

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